Thursday, 28 August 2008


(Continuing from Andrew Kimberly's first story.)
There had been a curse on Castle Vale School...
It had been two weeks since Jason slashed and stalked the pupils of 9GR. Now left were Duane, Andrew, Justin, Michelle, Vicki, Steven G. They all gathered for English with Mrs Danaher. We all got our books out, but me and Andrew sneaked down to the technology block to ensure Jason was still lying dead. Andrew noticed the nails were on the floor, plus there wet, black smelly footprints.
'Oh my god!' shouted Andrew.
We ran straight up to English, but Mrs Danaher was hanging by her throat! We found the rest of the class hiding in the Nimbus room!
'Jason's back!' shouted Vicki.
'I know!' answered Greeny.
Meanwhile, Jason found his hockey mask and murdered all of the idiots smoking outside. Miss Coughlin was walking down the corridor, when Jason threw her up the wall and shoved her head in the photocopier. The floor was covered in pictures of her burnt face! Secondly, Jason sliced Mr Whites head off and sent it rolling down the corridor!! Then he found us in the Nimbus room. Vicki screamed and Jason smashed her face through the computer screen.
Jason blocked the exit by piling the computers up against the door! Justin started to cry, so Jason punched a hole through his face! Michelle pushed a bookcase onto Jason. Then we all climbed out of the window onto the roof, and climbed through Mr Sacks window. (All the rest of the School were either dead, or wagging it!)
On the way we met up with Sharon Cox, but she wasn't what we thought she was because she had an axe in her back and fell to the ground dead! For the 100Th time we set off down the corridor and into our form room.
Mr Green was doing the reports, 'How dare you just barge in here! 1 detention for each of you. Acting like babies!'
'Jason's back sir, honest!' I pleaded.
Just then Jason came up through the floor and threw Mr Green smashing through the ceiling!! We ran down to the Foyer. Once there we hid in the dinner ladies coat cupboard. Jason's footsteps were getting closer, and closer...Then the handle turned!
There stood Jason, he threw us all out breaking the door off in the process. Michelle went mad and threw a chair at Jason, but did no good! Jason launched her into the can machine and was electrocuted!! Jason then reached for Andrew, but Andrew was smart. He started to laughing and confused Jason. Andrew scrambled loose, then me him and Greeny made for Mrs Danaher's room again. I looked over towards the window and had an idea from Mrs Danaher, who once said no one could survive that fall!!
I told the rest the plan, and we all got set up! Andrew smashed the safety chain off the window, Greeny put make up on and a hair band, then I stood on the window ledge. Jason stormed in, that's when Greeny started to dance and distract Jason. But Jason spotted me on the window ledge, and pushed past Greeny towards me. The plan was working! Jason pushed me, but I swung round with the window and slammed into Jason who was sent crashing to the solid concrete below.
'YEEESS!!!' we all cried, then called the Police.
Jason was buried in St Cuthberts Church ground.
...One cold musty night, an electricity cable which ran from Pegasus Primary School and the Library snapped. The surge shot the cable manically under the ground, disturbing a corpse!
No one will ever forget Jason...then a finger moved.
Mrs Danaher wrote: 'Horrible, and we got our own back!'


There once was a baby dog, who was left out in the cold to die. He was found by an old man who later passed on. The dog grew up to be a detective!
He was on a case. Someone had stolen the Maggot Crystal Zombie Maker.
The dog was talking to his mom, 'Mom, can I have chips before I solve this case?'
The next day out to solve the case of the zombie maker. He came across a shoe, he put it in his bag. The air was fresh and crisp, it was so crisp that you could take a bit of it and eat it. He was hot on the trail of the thief. He then found an empty apartment, he put two and two together and made four. Basil had figured out the thief lived there. He opened the window for some fresh air, he took a sniff then put it back and closed the window!
After he had finished looking at the contents, he heard the door open!
He thought, 'Now's my chance to get a look at the no good lousy robber!'
So he lumbered himself under the bed. The suspect walked into the room and mumbled to himself. Basil lay there under the bed, silently. The suspect was wearing the other matching brown shoe, which Basil found earlier on. Basil froze, as the robber pulled out the all American Maggot Crystal Zombie Maker!
Basil wasted no time. He sped out from the bed and grabbed the suspect.
The suspect was wearing a black velvet mask. He shouted at Basil, 'Hands off! You pimple bottom!'
Suddenly there was a fight! The robber pulled out a sausage and started to hit Basil on the bum!
'I'll get you, you Goonie!'
But Basil grabbed it off him and pushed the robber out of the window and fell 100 feet onto Plasticine. Basil ran down the clouds and tryed to see if he was breathing.
Then the suspect shouted out, 'Ouch! You Goonie!' and began to run away.
Basil caught up with him and ripped his mask off him!!
Basil then shouted, 'I know you! You're Enaud Yelsme, (duane emsley backwards) the ex wonder dog! But why did you steal this for, when you're so good with children?'
Enaud sat down and started to explain why he did it.
'Nobody ever took me serious, I was only known as a stupid dog. Just doing poo's around the streets. Just a name called Wonder. I stole it so I could be famous for something.'
Basil licked his tail, 'But that wasn't the right way to go about it.'
'But then again, I'm just a silly crook now, ain't I? Turn me in if you have too.' replied Enaud.
So they went to the police kennel and locked him up for 5 years. Basil was talking to his partner Foxy, who had been away on holiday on another estate. (instead of being here in my story, I'll kill him lol) they was talking about old times.
Then Captain Rottweiler asked them into his office, he congratulated Basil on his fine work in solving the case! He got a pay rise and was told he could eat his partner, so he did!
He later met up with a Zombie and set up his own robbery busters, no Goonies aloud!
FACT: it is a well known fact that flies lay their eggs in zombies mouths and then hatch into Goonie maggots!
Mrs Danaher wrote: Excellent story and awarded me 3 merit points!


Korea is famous for it's art of Taekwondo. The kicks are flashy and really damaging if you get hit by one. The sport is very big now and it's competitors wear head gear and score points. The art also involves some joint locks too. It was a military martial art years ago, and maybe still is. The practitioners display great agility, flexibility, and speed. It promotes honesty, courtesy, humility, respect, courage, generosity, loyalty and perseverance. Another great Martial Art to add to the Culture list!


I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but are you prepared? The streets are unsafe nowadays for men and woman. In regarding open hand combat. (not weapons. No one should attempt to fight someone armed with a weapon. Unless you yourself are armed.)
If you are approached, an attacker may ask you a question to engage your brain. Could be the time or directions. This puts you in a state of cut off, now he can pounce. Mug you or worse! People mistake adrenalin for fear. Adrenalin flys around your blood stream by your racing heart getting you ready for flight, or fight. Many of us prefer flight, as we are civilised compared to our caveman days when we used to face big scary monsters. The feeling of fear is natural, just like feeling hungry or cold. Don't beat yourself up over it.
Now, firstly you need to walk about in a mind state of crossing the road (not paranoid)
Your first range is how far your leg goes, but the only kicks I would recommend in a real life encounter are basic front kicks to the groin, knee or shin.
Second range is your main range, punching range. Most fighting starts here, with swaying arms and stare outs. Extend your left hand if right handed, have your right leg back, left leg forwards stance. You tell your attacker you don't want trouble, your extended arm is a distance gouger, a fence. We put fences around our homes so we put one around us. See for this type of stuff.
If they continue to touch your lead arm then you know they are in striking range of your powerful right. In the eyes of the law you are allowed a pre emptive strike if you believe they are going to attack you. However, if you follow up this attack you could become the aggressor in their eyes. So, do what you must to escape. Punches along the jaw line should produce knock out. (beware those on drugs, they take better shots!) Hooks, uppercuts, clawing, fingers to the eyes etc.
Thirdly, knees and elbows. Seems to say it all really.
Fourthly, headbutts, grappling (wrestling/scrapping) biting pinching, tickling, (I'm ticklish.)
There's no pride when it's you're life on the line, and no shame in walking away.
Hope that helped.


I once read somewhere that if you was to juggle two balls, one hobbies/work and the other family. And you were to drop the hobby ball, that would be o.k because it would just bounce. You can always pick it back up later. But.. if you were to drop the family one, like an egg it would crack and break. Finding the right balance is the most important part of the universe and it's secrets. Karma will always give you back what you put out in this world. The world spins a cycle, so beginnings end and what goes up must come down. I'm working on this myself, the balance is finding time for everything and maybe sacrificing some of your own needs for others. Stop for a moment and take a look around you, someone will need you or something you've been meaning to get done is just smiling at you.
Be well.


Being forgiving is not a weakness. That's the first rule. It is a strength. By forgiving the people in your life, you allow yourself to move on with yours. It is quite easy to bear a grudge, no matter how deserved and hurt you feel. It doesn't really take much effort does it?
'Wait till I see them!'
'I'll make him, or her pay.'
Do to others as they do to you.'
And my favourite one of all time...'I'll never forgot, I'll tell you that much. I'll have my day.'
It all comes easy to say when you feel betrayed, because we safe guard ourselves so well. But remember, the more you harbour these negative feelings, the more they will eventually rob you of your self and your happiness. You only have to turn onto the morning chat shows to see family at each others throats, each blaming the other for their mess and an innocent child stuck right in the middle. If we behave responsibly and apologise then I believe forgiveness is the Nobel thing to grant.
Forgiveness also means forgiving yourself. There are times when we as people have made mistakes and unfortunately our uncontained energy has hurt others in the circle. Now, naturally we feel guilt and beat ourselves up. We turn in ourselves and self punish. This turns to self pity and can only rob you more. You have to use that strength that I know we all have inside, and move on. Lighten your load because your journey through life needs all your resources. Negative energy equals more negative energy. Positive energy equals positive energy.
You will of course encounter people who, beyond your board of control cannot compromise with. Just tell your self that they are not ready just yet, and channel your power else where. If you feel angry or sad, deep breathing form the stomach should help. We breath this way as babies and as we get older we breath from the chest.
Forgive, forget, let go, move on and free yourself from the prison that you have built.


Japan, like China is a place of history and survival. It really is a volcanic island not to far from Korea. Martial Arts such as, Karate, Akido, Jujitsu, Judo and many sword styles like Samurai are practiced here. I'm fond of Ninjitsu. Ninjas were often, in the old days of Samurai assassins, spy's and thief's. Surrounded by mystery even today. However, the stealth training and deadly breaking skill with pressure points is something I'm learning more about. What's great about the Internet is all the information is there for us. I'm due to take my Blue belt Karate grading November, and learning more is investing in yourself whatever your endeavour may be. Ninjas can dislocate their joints to escape traps, they can survive extreme temperatures and survive in forestry. A common training method which I'm working on is this:
Lay some old newspaper down in a path-length of your room (after someones read it!)
Now if you can, try to walk along it normally without making to much sound. Now try this...
Secondly, gently place your heal down first and then lightly tread the outside edge of your feet down after, then repeat with the other leg.
Mount Fiji is only a mountain, and like many mountains is strong, tall and can be seen by many.
Become a're mountain.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Hi there once again my close friend, I received your message in my inbox so I'll think resend. You feel so near but live in Italy, a small village which sounds nice to me. Gallicano in Tuscany, bottom of valley space, this is your homely place, slowly but surly will win your race. Martina is a winner she has her mom's look, I seen it in her eyes on the photo's of your face book. Two and a half years old your little lady, she's part of you definitely not surly or maybe. I'm ever so sorry to read of your split, but your spirit is strong and you'll new fit. I have great faith in your courage, your bravery, your will and I know that your struggle must seem like a hill. You have been so nice in regards to my blog and I will write to help you when times are a slog. You have a deep nature which plays strength like a chorus, just remember that you are a Taurus. When things get in your way, you will knock them down, and uncover your true happiness on this earthly ground. Lay forwards your path of life, and fill in with goals you can pursue as a wife. You will win this, I'm certain you can, you just haven't met the right man. Deep conversations with friends you did delve, there was to much s*** going on to really understand ourselves. I'm so touched and taken back from your view on my writing, books not ready yet for the sighting. I have wrote some short stories and I'm willing to share, and you can share my blog to others who could help me there. Old skool reunion stylee with some herbal tea, I love tea and it loves me. In fact, I'm slurping one now, put to much milk in I think I'm a cow! (moo)
You're welcome to visit our home, when your next down you won't be alone...
Thank you and god bless you and Martina...
Duane x

Monday, 25 August 2008


Hello my angel drink, you allow me time to think.
Be who I want to be, nobody's better than me.
Say what I need to say, until my dying day.
No need to go outside, I'll stay inside and hide.
I don't need anyone, I am the only one.
Do what I want to do, always neglecting you.
Yes, I am always right, seeing through blurry sight.
I can do anything, hear how loud I sing.
I'll shout all through the month, really not all that drunk.
Ain't got much money, funny how that's so funny.
I'm not with peace with me, now they've all gave up on me.
I'm here all alone, wondering if they will all phone?
If it would only ring, I could then shout my thing.
I'll ring pull another drink, now it's time to really sink.
I seem to have lost my home, all I really do is moan.
I now see that I've wasted time, and missed the wonders of mankind.
So now that I'm nearly dead, for choosing the angel drink instead,
and neglecting all my family... what does life have left for me?

Sunday, 24 August 2008


This rap clout flees my tongue and mouth, never east, but mainly south. I preach peace with love so we are blessed, but the evil is the worlds obsess. We walk with underlining grace, if earth is our place then why do the youth of today struggle to fit their face? The super powers have us trapped, while the web has us kidnapped. I communicate with a true being, those that know me know what I mean...deepness to advanced for the A Team. My search for holy truth engulfs thee, life's like a dream to me, my third eye allows my sight to see. Some have said I'm weird strange, and down right mad...we are all different and that makes me glad, but I produce feelings that make me sad. I feel we can unite, lets fight this fight with all our might. I welcome you all to join me in the shadow blog, it's all for you so have the whole hog. I pledge my code of honour to my martial sisters and brothers, warriors of life produced by only your fathers and mothers.

Friday, 22 August 2008

'WHAT AM I?' by Crystal Emsley May 2004 10:00pm

What am I?
A flower that opens when the sun is shining and happy, or a flower that closes and hides from the cold rain when sad?
I don't know.
What am I?
A bird flying free across the skies looking down on everyone, or a baby bird in a nest waiting for food from it's mom and waiting to fly for the first time ever?
I don't know.
What am I?
An Ant, innocent and little that likes to wonder, then gets crushed by humans?
I don't know.
What am I?
Nothing but a soul.
Some people see the human side, but never the soul.
It holds the greatness to all happiness.
I now know what I am.
I am all of these thing when happy,
when sad,
when laughing,
when crying.
The only thing is now...
What do I do?

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Welcome to the world famous Shaolin Temple in China. Now visited by westerners, something years ago that didn't exist. China holds great histories over the decades, one of which is Boddidharma. A Indian monk who brought a series of exercises to the Temple so the meditation wouldn't become boring. This became known as Kung Fu. Many styles were developed involving animal forms, weapons and great types of training and this was one story. You can see the monks demonstrating incredible feats due to dedicated internal training known as Chi. The training is daily and hard, you appreciate how they control their bodies and energy so well. Surrounded by mystery is such the Arts of the Orient, now we can learn more about harnessing our own way. I respect and enjoy learning about the different cultures in the Martial Arts and their chosen training methods.
Thanks for reading in and join me next blog when I discuss Japan!


Calm down now, be still. Quiet, give it a chance. Allow it some time, room to breath. Have faith and believe in yourself. You're in control...
You'll see, you'll settle in soon enough.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


How much of life do we as guests of the earth appreciate? We often don't think of air, soil, food, warmth, and friends, not in a survival sense. Now, when we get upset or feel low we complain that we are not happy. When people hurt our feelings we get upset and hate this feeling. We take the bad feelings for granted.
How? I hear you ask.
When we get cold, hungry, or upset it is a good thing. It shows that we are alive, that we are not dead. We tend to judge our lives on the amount of money, friends or possessions we own. But ask yourself this...
If you were drowning, what would you beg for? Would it be your car? No.
It would be air.
The things that matter to us cost nothing, with the exception of food and water.
I thank god every day for the air that I breath, and the friends that I have.
And when some one or some thing upsets me, I feel happy...because it shows that I am alive.
Thank you for reading my blog-Duane.

Saturday, 16 August 2008


Their fists struck her face hard as she fell to the cold pavement, her sense of hearing faded as her eyes fought to stay open. The gang from the new neighbourhood she had moved to, had greeted her with fury. She had been tricked, she thought they were her friends but now they were stamping on her limp body. As the rain came down they ran away laughing. Some how, some way Holly made it to her feet and in the wet night stumbled home holding her side. Holly made it to her front door, blood ran down her face with her make up. She struggled to put her key in the lock, her dad heard her and opened the door. She collapsed in the doorway and school would not be seeing her tomorrow.

A few days in bed and visits from her local doctor speeded up the healing process, she was brave and held a strong spirit. Her father quizzed her about what happened but she didn't tell. She knew that he'd go up the school. Then life would be worse, the bullies wouldn't stop. Holly lay on her bed and began to cry, she was going back to school tomorrow and was scared of Casey and the other girls. She hugged a photo of her mother whom she had lost to cancer one year ago, she loved her dad but didn't want him to worry. He had brought her and her baby brother up while working shifts in a local factory.

Holly walked the school corridors holding her books, she walked alone with silence and looks. Casey and her cronies struck fear into everyone, she was top dog and popular. Big blue eyes and blond curly hair disguised the image of a horror queen there. Holly continued to walk on with hope in her heart, but inside she was falling apart. The girls spat nasty words at her and began to follow her home. Holly tried to ignore them, but they were getting closer. A pack of Wolves moving in on their pray.

Holly was brave and turned to face them, 'Leave me alone. I haven't done anything to you.'
'Yeah? You been saying things about me ain't ya!' Casey's words were sharp, words hold power.

Holly jumped back flinching. And then once again they all pounced on her, punching and scratching. Holly curled herself into a ball on the ground and tried to think happy thoughts of her mother. Suddenly the attack stopped.
Holly reached up for the hand that was offered her. She could see the bullies running away. It was the gardener of the school, the old man that the children take no notice of had saved her from another beating.

'Hello there, my name is Tom. Thomas Chang.' Tom was wiry thin and half Chinese. He helped Holly to her feet. He then continued to rake up the leaves.

The following night Holly walked past the Gardeners office. She heard grunts, so had look in the window. To her surprise she found old Tom doing some type of martial art movements. She watched as he crouched low them jumped and kicked, and slammed his arms into a self made sandbag. Tom then began doing push ups on his fingers, despite looking 60 odd. Holly watched on while lowering her rucksack, now Tom was balancing stones on his forearms and squatting. Holly coughed and Tom continued, he knew she was there.
'Come in Holly.' said Tom politely.
Holly pulled up a chair, 'That looks fun, can I join in?'
'Of course.' Tom shook his arms off. 'You see that tank over there? In it's my pet praying Mantis. It's a small insect, Chinese legends has it that the Mantis style of kung fu was developed after a pupil witnessed this tiny insect fighting off a huge blackbird. It is a brave insect, and it's arms can lift up many times its own weight. The style is good for smaller people, who can use their opponents strength against them.'
Holly was really interested, and somehow felt that Tom was talking about her.

Tom closed the door, 'Well...shall we begin?'
'Begin what?' asked Holly sounded worried.
'Your training.'
'I, I can't. My dad wouldn't allow it.' Replied Holly saddened.
Tom fed a cricket to his pet Mantis, and watched the hunt. 'Oh, is that so? I have spoke with your father. He assures me he doesn't mind as long as he picks you up.'
'I'm sorry. I used to work with your father, a good man.'

3:15 every day in the school holidays, Holly began learning Preying Mantis Style of Kung Fu. She learnt to do finger tip push ups, and hold low stances for long periods of time. She struggled in the beginning but was getting there.

'Hit! Hit! Move! Move! Mantis grab!' Sifu Tom trained her on the sandbags, Holly's arms were hardening up. 'Grab here, now pull, strike!' Holly worked hard to grab the thick tree branch that Sifu Tom kept hitting her with. In the end she could tare tree from bark. Holly was getting fitter and her spirit was strengthening. She was happy in herself, and had a photo of her mom with her when she trained.

6 weeks had past quickly, Holly faced Sifu Tom.
'Now that you are proficient in the Mantis Fist technique, you have to fight me.'
Holly's face dropped like a lead weight. 'I can't, Sifu.'
'Oh, I thought we erased CAN'T?' Use your spirit to keep me off you, remember what you have learnt. If you can stop my attack, without injuring me or yourself. It's time for you to move on.'
Holly replied, 'I like training with you Sifu, I don't want to leave.'
Tom placed his hands on Holly's shoulders. 'I know. But what begins must end. Your father tells me your brother is back from uni, did you know that I trained him in the Black Tiger Style? You go train with him now, and keep it in the family.'
Holly smiled, and then instinctively grabbed Sifu Toms arm as he hit at her. They both moved around each other at great speed, Holly managed to avoid most of her Sifu's attacks and put him off balance. This continued for 3 minutes.
Sifu got her in a advanced hold. 'Stop!'
They both bowed to each other. Holly asked Tom if she can still visit him.
Tom replied, 'I have been, and always will be inside of you.'
Holly was sad that her training was over but walked home that day without her dad coming for her or feeling afraid. She had gone through a change and knew that fear is the only thing you have to fear.
Monday disco. Holly went along with a few friends, people were warming to her as she seemed more popular and out going. It was a nice night and she even was spoke to by Chad, whom she had a crush on. After the disco had ended Holly decided to walk home, it was only across the field. As she strolled merrily along the sounds of voices caught her attention. She turned around to see a large group of people coming in her direction. She could tell that they were pupils from the disco. She felt the adrenalin prepare her as she heard a familiar voice.
'Oi! What ya doin chattin up ma boyfriend?'
It was Casey with half the year with her, although they just wanted to see a fight.
A large circle contained Holly. It was dark on the playing field and light rain fell to visit.
Holly breathed from her stomach and turned calmly to face Casey. 'I don't want to fight, I just want to go home.'
Casey looked at her audience while spitting out her gum, 'Well... you know what I think!'
Casey ran at Holly scratching, Holly dropped to one leg just like a Mantis and Casey just toppled over her. The on lookers fell silent, this was different. Holly was different. Holly turned on her supporting leg, and put her hair in her bobble from her wrist. Casey had been drinking and staggered before launching herself again at Holly. Holly shot out her forearms and caught Casey's attack. Holly trapped her arms and with leverage turned her onto the grass. The crowd looked on in shock as Casey seemed to be fighting herself. Casey went for Holly's hair and kicked out at her ribs. Holly blocked everything and sweeped Casey's legs from underneath her.
Suddenly the other pupils smiled for Holly, it was out of fear that they was here. Their school bully was being humiliated right in front of the them.
Casey screamed in frustration and threw a swinging punch, but was caught by Holly. She turned Casey around and locked her neck with her arm. Casey screamed in pain.
Holly controlled the pressure. 'I'm going home now, and I suggest you do the same. Don't bother me ever again.'
Holly spun Casey around and stood her up straight. She began to cry and ran off into the night. Everybody flocked around Holly like she was their new queen.
Holly looked at everyone in the eye and said, 'You all are worse than Casey. Glory cowards, wanting to see a scrap.'
And with that, Holly turned around and went home to bed.
The following morning Holly walked into school, everybody included Casey was polite and friendly. Holly hadn't seen Sifu Tom for a while, and nobody knew of him around the school.
Even her dad denied ever working with him. It was like he never existed.
Wednesday afternoon in the school library, and Holly was doing some research on her school for her history project. What she found made her shiver. She began reading an old clipping from 10 years ago. It told the story of the school gardener, who's son was killed in a playground fight by bullies. He took his own life soon after...
...His name was Tomas Chang.
Holly walks with a great spirit within her, a gift. It is the Spirit Of The Mantis.


I hold out a front round house kick and practice my balance and leg strength. I am the only one here in the whole world, but when this is over it will be back to normality. It's all about finding the time to do what you want, some people might not have the time and that's o.k. When you look at how much time is spent on doing 'nothing' you might find that even 5 Min's practice on something you were good at in school will give you back a hobby.


I progress to my forms and Kata practice, I am so at peace. I realise that I want to learn more about the internal arts and Tai Chi, maybe because I'm getting older now?

Friday, 15 August 2008


I find a quiet place away from the fast paced world. I lower my centre of gravity and place my hands below my navel. I close my eyes and begin to breath in through my nose filling my abdomen. All my body is relaxed, and I am aware of all sounds. I empty my mind, until it is filled with nothingness. I breath out through my mouth and contract my abdomen, I train myself not to breath from the chest. I can feel my Chi energy flowing through my body, warm and fuzzy. The water is making sounds as I awake from my state. I shake myself off and move onto some forms, it will be a nice day.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


So now, as an adult with school as a memory, you become a guiding light. If you take a moment to really look at your children, or partners, you will see how much you are needed. When you were little your mom, or dad was your guiding light. But now you are the one who must become the guiding light. This you already know of course, but I hope this blog can be of use to you when you are feeling low. True strength comes from within, we possess all of the answers to all of our questions. Those close to you will be very special, as you are to them. Emotions can be puzzling, and if you let it, your mind can make you sad. We need positive thoughts. Just take a look around you and what you have built for yourself...
You are not getting old, just older. You are here and now, the world is for you. You see the love through your children, and family. It might rain, but you feel sunny inside. When you were conceived you won. What? Well, the sperm that made it through to fertilise the egg resulted in you! Well done, you made it!
To all my peers out there...I wish you well.


I'm sorry,
I forgive you,
I love you.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Great feeling being happy. You are a top spirit, nobody will break you! Look at you go, full of energy and sprite. Life is great, you are good. You have great friends and family, and health. How lucky you are. You are special. Your unique, the only one of you. Money can't buy these little qualities. The world is yours - enjoy!


Depression effects us all. Some hide it better, or handle it better. Many causes bring on the depressive state, human emotions are so powerful. At times when I feel low, I just look at more unfortunate people and I realise that I am alive and well. Growing up with a violent alcoholic mother pays visits to my subconscious mind, and at times, makes me feel very dark. I see the bigger picture though. I see me in life...and better still, life in me.

Monday, 11 August 2008


I grew up in the 80's, and I loved it. The music, T.V programmes all remind me about the path I travelled. He Man, A-Team, Air wolf, Street Hawk, Hulk, Transformers,Mask, Go bots, Thunder cats, Trap door, Emu, Grotbags, Bmx's, Freestyle Arts, Graffiti, Gremlin's, Ghost busters, Robocop, Norris, Knight rider, Goonies. Not to mention the horror films, even the daft ones. If you can respect back on your beginnings (not dwell), work on your middles, and then make plans for your can succeed.


You've done your bit and you have fulfilled your want for now. You allow your self some space for other comforts, other pleasures. You let new people into your life, you feel loved. You feel so at peace with yourself. That is, until a day pays you a visit with some home truths. You need to look after number one. The people who you thought was for life has left you behind, you try to keep occupied by training. Your training makes you realise that you abandoned your own needs, due to blindness false sense of insecure belonging. Your unfit and in pain, you thought your were so fit? You let it slip. You are a beginner not a winner. You have already won, was always the man. You now see your worth in all it's glory, brought on by a unhappy moment of realisation. You return to yourself, eyes wide open. You commence training and any other aims you may have. You have your self respect back.

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Thailand is home to the worlds most deadliest creatures and weather. It is home also to the deadly art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). I love Thai boxing training, using the knees, elbows, punches and kicks in a fluid powerful motion. The people over there fight to live and the Thais are very conditioned, even the children. There is a lot of gambling in Bangkok, and fighting is really big there. More westerners are training in Thai boxing and going over to Thailand to train in the camps. It is really hot over there, and they train twice a day in the cooler hours. Again, I like training in more than one way. I try to blend them together, in the idea that I can flow to one or the other.


No your not in jail! Me and my friends would climb across this sewage dam when we was growing up. Not to sure why I've put this on? At times the flow of the stream is forceful, others gentle. Just like human nature.


The thing that I like about this secluded field, is that it's lower than the main road and you are out of view. I use it for sprint training with a tyre strapped to me. My the steel fence is a set of steps, in which I run up and perform push ups on. I haven't been here for a while, so that's my next training ground.


It is a wonder that the Milk Dairy is still here, but is nice to see the few places that are left. This is the route that I run towards Minworth, the trees and the peacefulness help to calm the mind. When I have things on my mind I just take a steady jog for 2 miles and sweat it all out. It's therapeutic.


My Wing Chun Dummy stands patient in my dad's garden. It withstands the elements and helps me to condition my arms. I love the leg, which allows me to train my sweeps, low side kicks and cross stomps. Although I don't practice any set form on my dummy, I try to visualise an opponent and free flow all out. I need to do more on it.

Friday, 8 August 2008


'Come on Jeremy!' cried out his mother, carrying the shopping bags that were fit to split. The interested youngster couldn't care a cow as he prodded the lump of hairy flesh, that lay outside of the nearby tyre plant.
Jeremy's mother came stomping back, 'Get out of that, you filthy little bark!
'But mom...' Jeremy held up the dead Rat by the tail.
He was about to throw it into the canal when he yelped in pain...'ARRHH!'
'I told you, but you wouldn't listen!' shouted his mom dropping her bags. She waddled up to him and looked at his hand with her crumpled up face. 'God son, it stinks! It looks deep, doctors now.'
Jeremy began jumping up and down, his glasses fell from his face and his frail body hit the pavement, 'Mom! Mom! My heads burning!'
Suddenly Jeremy was unconscious. His mom phoned an ambulance on her house brick phone, as she placed her big red rain mack over him. A boy and a girl came along and began riding around the dead Rat, smiling in a circle.
'Get away from it you two!' she cursed, as the ambulance pulled up.
Two days later and Jeremy was still out cold. The doctors were baffled and his family came to visit.
His auntie Mary noticed that Jeremy was growing hair on his eye lids, soon his bitten hand turned brown. 'Are you sure it was a dead Rat, Joan?'
Jeremy's mom replied, 'Well it fucking looked like a dead Rat. Fucking thing weren't dead though was it? Because it bit this stupid bleeder, always messing in cack that one. He only spat at a poor boy and girl passing on their bikes. Not doing what he should be, that's his problem. When he wakes up I'll give him something to cry over.'
In the matter of day's, one by one all who visited Jeremy, collapsed and fell into the same state. Most of his friends and were cooped up on their backs in the same ward. All of the doctors were baffled, why were they the same? And why just his friends?
That night Jeremy's mom, swigged her bottle of Gin. She was proud of the fact that in her world, she was number one. She put up her feet enclosed in pink fluffy slippers and opened her second bottle of mothers ruin. Then something happened.
Her cat came in through his cat flap and jumped up on her chair. The tabby night walker dropped something onto her lap...a dead Rat!
She jumped out from the chair knocking her bottle everywhere, along with old tabby. 'Fuck me!'
She fell over the ironing board as the phone went. She couldn't get to it in time, there was an answer message...
Through the shock of her cat bringing in a dead Rat, she questioned how on earth her son was alright to come home. He sounded odd, confident. Could it be the same dead Rat from the other day? She picked her self up and rang the just rang, and rang...and rang.
Back at the hospital in ward 32, the remains of Jeremy's body hung off the beds along with all of his 5 friends. Tendons and ligaments draped off bone, and blood was across the floor. The smell was like that of a sewer, bits of cheese were scattered from the meal trolley.
Ding Dong. Jeremy's mom armed herself with the biscuit tin, she toddled up to the door. She put on the chain and slowly opened up...
'O my fucking great lord noooo!' she was greeted by 6 large Rats, all 5 feet tall. The door smashed off as they charged through squeaking.
Tabby his under the table, but the one Rat scuttled down and bite through the table. Tabby was soon in the jaws off cheese! Blood from the cat to the Rat travelled down the freakish hairy mutant. The rest of the Rats dragged Jeremy's mom into the kitchen, her pants and slippers were left. The one Rat was wearing specks and had lost a foot. It glared into her eyes with it's own piercing redness.
The Rat squeaked and then gleamed out his daggers. The other 5 did the same, she screamed with tears.
Her face was in the process of being chewed up like the skin from a KFC. Her screams faded as the Rats pulled her head off. The Circle Of The Rat was nigh.
The next morning his eyes opened. He felt sore and was naked, he barely realised that he was back at home surrounded by his moms body parts, or what was left of them. He jumped to his feet as he spotted his friends asleep in the kitchen, one had used his mom's thigh for a pillow. He could taste cheese and blood, and he smelt like a sewer. His hand was a stump. Jeremy could hear the Police sirens out side, he opened the door and walked out naked, crying, shivering. The one officer tried to talk to Jeremy, but Jeremy just watched as a boy and a girl, rode around a dead Rat outside his house. He pointed, but no words left his lips.
The boy and the girl stopped for a moment and glared at Jeremy. They began to smile and said...'That will teach you to mess with cack.'


I wipe the sweat tear from my stinging eyes, using my big red 18oz boxing gloves. All I can hear is my laboured breaths and gasping heart. My lungs feel as if they need to blow, my garage is damp dark and wet. I begin another round on my 5 foot bag, my muscles try to fight the lactic acid. I am training hard, I am focused. I am alone with just myself to talk too.
I'm running into a sprint now, was jogging seconds ago. I wonder what my peers are doing at this moment in time? Do they know that I'm up to this secluded task? I try a hill and feel elated when I reach the top, the sound of a passing train...just me here. Another runner fly's me by and winks, he's like me? Cars roar past, making me feel the only one.
I'm going up and down the stairs on my hands, then onto press ups. I open the window and stretch, looking out across the estate I say to my self...
If only I had more friends to train with?

Thursday, 7 August 2008


I'm so very deep. I can think on a higher degree, like the mountains grazing the sky. I can think low, like the mist settling into the canyon. I am I. I can absorb my surroundings like a shape shifter, and go with the flow. I can relate to people, and then they could lose me. They can't relate back. Who is me really? Who is you? We are they. I am I. I can deflect resistance, and oppose force. I have sides to my personality that, like many, you keep hidden. Some will notice, others won't. It's an internal power that lies within us all, only some will not know it. I know it. I become the best at me. I can be like a bubbling volcano, or just a peaceful mountains view. I am Martial. I may miss things by looking in, but that's better than missing me by looking out. Be one, be yourself.


Every other Saturday dad would take us to see Nanny and Grandad. They were very lovely kind people, and I miss them. Grandad would take me over the pitch to kick the ball, or play in his shed. I would do the garden, trotting about with my little blue watering can. He made me a go cart out of wood, and bought me a purple chopper. When I was really little I accidentally hit him on the head with a hammer! Nan would make us cups of tea with a jam Swiss roll, or just give me and my sister the biscuit tin. She would take us up the village and buy us comics and clothes. Their house was big and old and was an adventure to me. The stairs were green and steep, and grandad would walk down them backwards while me and Crystal would slide down on our bum! When we would stop over it was great, nan would let us watch T.V late and then tell us a story about a cat looking for it's mom. Nan would often doze off while watching cowboy's and Indians, I would play with Granddads dominoes and army men. I would always tell them...
'They polish the sun, it's shinier than back home!'
Nan would put her rollers in and Crystal would help her. Nan was good for Crystal, and Grandad was good for me. Our Dad really misses his mom & Dad, I remember the sad time when I was ten and I watched Staus Quo live in their house after Grandad had passed away. I held your hand dad and I knew you were crying, but I was there and Grandad was there with us. I pride myself on my lovely grandparents, and the lovely Father that they gave me. Crystal still talks about spilling her rice crispies and Grandad not even getting mad. They were perfect, my best friends and walk along side me every day...because we share the same blood.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Upon feeling very impressed and inspired by his choice of lyrics, and the way he blends them with a meaningful insight into what makes him tick...I have no other choice but to dedicate today's blog to a Kung Fuist!
The following lyrics are borrowed from Danny Wood's Sheffield parkour Training Diaries vol 4, and are fantastic.
'I start by jogging on the lady bower dam, am I training hard today? Yes I am. Twisting sit ups that make my abs hurt, I finish doing forty then take off my shirt. How should I continue, how should I advance? I start by holding a deep horse stance. All that surrounds me here is silence, 'I'm away from stolen cars and domestic violence. You can't hear clubs and you can't hear sirens, spreading through my soul like a welcome virus. You can't beat this, as I run I can't defeat I work on my main weakness. I train endurance next, and I can feel the heat raise from my toes to the top of my neck. I check another exercise from the top of my list, I train my abs, my arms, my legs and even my wrists. Should I stop training now, or persist? There will never be another moment quite like this. While most of my peers are in pubs getting pissed...I'm running up a damn wall raising my fist!
If you enjoyed reading this, then please visit or dannywood83 on youtube.
'A nobody is somebody who has done nothing.
A somebody was nobody, who did something.' - D.G.Emsley 08

Monday, 4 August 2008


Her beauty enforces my love for her, my baby. Her green eyes can see through to my very soul, even when I hide...she finds me. She's special, she's mine. I feel so privileged to have this lovely person to share my life with. Nichola's one of a kind, loyal to those close to her and a true Friend. She's in demand at social events, for she is a loving human being. I relish as I kiss her soft skin, and the smell of her silky soft hair takes me to a far away place...I'm home. Without her I am just one, when she's with me I am one hundred men. She lights up my darkness with her positiveness. Together we are in love, forever. We are Yin and Yang, my world is her world and her world is mine. We know how much we mean to each other, there is no me and you. Us is eternal, our many skins we may shed. Like the Phoenix raising from the ashes, we will survive. Thank you my darling Fiance for being who you are and loving me good. I treasure what we have together, and the joy that you continue to bring me.
'The world is our oyster.'

Sunday, 3 August 2008


The Arts hold great meaning, traditional and new to me. The discipline that this type of training demands, will build you from the inside out and then some. It is a positive outlet for the beast within us, and will leave you feeling better. Pent up energy will have been utilised, and the body will adapt to a higher degree. I know now more than ever, that I will train for the rest of my life. I will put aside competing with others in class, or training for the sake of trophies medals, and belts/sashes. I train because it's who I am, I really do enjoy it. A certificate feels nice to view the proof of your hard work, but it's deep within me the real grade. I train for fitness, self defence and self therapy.
Bruce Lee used to say freely...'An art, like the expression of the human body.'
That's it man, freely being who you are. Others views or opinions don't even chip the sides, when it's your personal choice. That's your right. I pride myself on being a Martial Artist, and maybe before I realised it, I always was. My life is forcing me to make important personal choices, like writing more and improving my craft. One day I'll have a family to support, and that scares me. For me, it is time to use my inner power that Martial Art has given me and pursue a future for my family. I will continue to write in my blog diary, as this is off loading and if people enjoy what I write then I am truly honoured. Martial Art has a very deep meaning to me, as it comes from within. It's down to me to lift my chin when I'm feeling low, or keep my feet on the ground when I'm feeling high. I love Kung Fu more and more, and I'm turning into that road. I'm fascinated by the animal styles. Wherever I am in 10 years time, you can be certain that I will be training somewhere.

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Okay, okay, I will get on with some creative writing very soon. I've put up this photo and more because due to changes, one day they might knock down this old building like many others (fort centre). They do activities here, and is a communal place.

Aright then, now that Ive finished ranting about the past, I shall thank you for your patience and get all creative and martial on you!


Here's one side of my old school. The maisonette you can see on the far left is just by where I lived growing up.
'Hurry up, and show us some MARTIAL ARTS!' I hear you say!


They say that school is the best day's of your life. Although in my childhood I had home struggles, I would agree that when you are in school, you don't have to face the responsibility in life as we do as adults. I began secondary school in 1990, in class 7SN. The only subject that I truly loved was English. I got a grade C, and would write extra for my homework. I love to write, it's my way of expressing myself. And to all those reading this who are struggling because they are chasing their dream...may it be well with you my friend!

Friday, 1 August 2008


Her little red bike, is now a mountain.
She returns to the old anti gravity circle,
the stumps prove that it once was here.
She's grown up,
The Squonk has vanished,
we will be afraid no more.


I nod and bid my farewells, the ghosts of past pals throw voices around.
The wind and the trees become friends yet again,
and the Park Lane can be heard through the train.
I'm not needed here now.
I wonder whether the ghost of Park Lane existed?
The Squonk!


Some paths lead to a dead end. All that waits for you is stingers to greet you to your fate.
Do not follow this path, or leave it too late.


There are many paths for the walking. You can take the ones which lead to nowhere, or the ones that lead to somewhere...what path will you take?


I'm here when I'm coming, but how do you know when I get there? There are many paths just filled with air.


'Give us a go of ya bike then!'


This creature is strong, yet gentle. It scares easily, but stands it's ground. It's fit and beautiful, they have no need to conquer. They remain our earth animals. They take our weight and allow us to travel, they are over looked and often underestimated. Some treat them nice, others do not. They live with an image of underlying power. They are one with the world and their patience is king.
The next time I'm asked what star sign I am, I'll answer with force...
I'm a Scorpio, but born in the year of the horse of course!


This morning at 7:30am, I went on a bike ride with my sister. I visited places on my estate where I used to play when growing up. It seems crazy that after nearly 20 years later, some places don't change. However, due to some developments places have to change. But what struck me the most was that on my rediscoveries through, woodland, bushes, Tarzan's and dens, some of the places you could not get to. Loads of stingers etc had grew over the wore trails in grass made by children of yesteryear. Suddenly the trees seemed to hold a force of loneliness, and nature had lost our nature to sitting in playing computer games or hanging around in gangs. In the 80's and 90's the only worry was intruding on the 'big kids' dens, I was happy to find a small Tarzan in the picture above, it's nice to know that them trees have company. This picture is just by the railway on Park Lane in Castle Vale Birmingham. It was here that I first cut my head open in 1990. It shows by my blog that I have a weakness for 'those were the days' attitude, forgive me but these times do build your skeleton for today.
How many dens did you have, and are they still there somewhere? Waiting for you do find them?


There are many ways to describe what you mean to say, or want to say - WORDS.
Words are more powerful than any other method, mentally. I'm going to make it a habit to use a better choice of words when conducting myself. I want to do this to be more respectful in conversation, by addressing people politely in conduct. This will I hope, display a more well conducted individual on my part. I will be taking an interest in my approach to others. I will try not to become snobbish, or change. I just feel that if I can clean up and organise my English that 'little bit' more, then I, myself will become that 'little bit' more.