Monday, 25 August 2008


Hello my angel drink, you allow me time to think.
Be who I want to be, nobody's better than me.
Say what I need to say, until my dying day.
No need to go outside, I'll stay inside and hide.
I don't need anyone, I am the only one.
Do what I want to do, always neglecting you.
Yes, I am always right, seeing through blurry sight.
I can do anything, hear how loud I sing.
I'll shout all through the month, really not all that drunk.
Ain't got much money, funny how that's so funny.
I'm not with peace with me, now they've all gave up on me.
I'm here all alone, wondering if they will all phone?
If it would only ring, I could then shout my thing.
I'll ring pull another drink, now it's time to really sink.
I seem to have lost my home, all I really do is moan.
I now see that I've wasted time, and missed the wonders of mankind.
So now that I'm nearly dead, for choosing the angel drink instead,
and neglecting all my family... what does life have left for me?

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