Thursday, 28 August 2008


There once was a baby dog, who was left out in the cold to die. He was found by an old man who later passed on. The dog grew up to be a detective!
He was on a case. Someone had stolen the Maggot Crystal Zombie Maker.
The dog was talking to his mom, 'Mom, can I have chips before I solve this case?'
The next day out to solve the case of the zombie maker. He came across a shoe, he put it in his bag. The air was fresh and crisp, it was so crisp that you could take a bit of it and eat it. He was hot on the trail of the thief. He then found an empty apartment, he put two and two together and made four. Basil had figured out the thief lived there. He opened the window for some fresh air, he took a sniff then put it back and closed the window!
After he had finished looking at the contents, he heard the door open!
He thought, 'Now's my chance to get a look at the no good lousy robber!'
So he lumbered himself under the bed. The suspect walked into the room and mumbled to himself. Basil lay there under the bed, silently. The suspect was wearing the other matching brown shoe, which Basil found earlier on. Basil froze, as the robber pulled out the all American Maggot Crystal Zombie Maker!
Basil wasted no time. He sped out from the bed and grabbed the suspect.
The suspect was wearing a black velvet mask. He shouted at Basil, 'Hands off! You pimple bottom!'
Suddenly there was a fight! The robber pulled out a sausage and started to hit Basil on the bum!
'I'll get you, you Goonie!'
But Basil grabbed it off him and pushed the robber out of the window and fell 100 feet onto Plasticine. Basil ran down the clouds and tryed to see if he was breathing.
Then the suspect shouted out, 'Ouch! You Goonie!' and began to run away.
Basil caught up with him and ripped his mask off him!!
Basil then shouted, 'I know you! You're Enaud Yelsme, (duane emsley backwards) the ex wonder dog! But why did you steal this for, when you're so good with children?'
Enaud sat down and started to explain why he did it.
'Nobody ever took me serious, I was only known as a stupid dog. Just doing poo's around the streets. Just a name called Wonder. I stole it so I could be famous for something.'
Basil licked his tail, 'But that wasn't the right way to go about it.'
'But then again, I'm just a silly crook now, ain't I? Turn me in if you have too.' replied Enaud.
So they went to the police kennel and locked him up for 5 years. Basil was talking to his partner Foxy, who had been away on holiday on another estate. (instead of being here in my story, I'll kill him lol) they was talking about old times.
Then Captain Rottweiler asked them into his office, he congratulated Basil on his fine work in solving the case! He got a pay rise and was told he could eat his partner, so he did!
He later met up with a Zombie and set up his own robbery busters, no Goonies aloud!
FACT: it is a well known fact that flies lay their eggs in zombies mouths and then hatch into Goonie maggots!
Mrs Danaher wrote: Excellent story and awarded me 3 merit points!

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