Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Upon feeling very impressed and inspired by his choice of lyrics, and the way he blends them with a meaningful insight into what makes him tick...I have no other choice but to dedicate today's blog to a Kung Fuist!
The following lyrics are borrowed from Danny Wood's Sheffield parkour Training Diaries vol 4, and are fantastic.
'I start by jogging on the lady bower dam, am I training hard today? Yes I am. Twisting sit ups that make my abs hurt, I finish doing forty then take off my shirt. How should I continue, how should I advance? I start by holding a deep horse stance. All that surrounds me here is silence, 'I'm away from stolen cars and domestic violence. You can't hear clubs and you can't hear sirens, spreading through my soul like a welcome virus. You can't beat this, as I run I can't defeat I work on my main weakness. I train endurance next, and I can feel the heat raise from my toes to the top of my neck. I check another exercise from the top of my list, I train my abs, my arms, my legs and even my wrists. Should I stop training now, or persist? There will never be another moment quite like this. While most of my peers are in pubs getting pissed...I'm running up a damn wall raising my fist!
If you enjoyed reading this, then please visit or dannywood83 on youtube.
'A nobody is somebody who has done nothing.
A somebody was nobody, who did something.' - D.G.Emsley 08

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Danny Wood said...

Thanks you so much for that Demzley :D
You've got so many interesting blogs no. I have put you in my links :)