Monday, 4 August 2008


Her beauty enforces my love for her, my baby. Her green eyes can see through to my very soul, even when I hide...she finds me. She's special, she's mine. I feel so privileged to have this lovely person to share my life with. Nichola's one of a kind, loyal to those close to her and a true Friend. She's in demand at social events, for she is a loving human being. I relish as I kiss her soft skin, and the smell of her silky soft hair takes me to a far away place...I'm home. Without her I am just one, when she's with me I am one hundred men. She lights up my darkness with her positiveness. Together we are in love, forever. We are Yin and Yang, my world is her world and her world is mine. We know how much we mean to each other, there is no me and you. Us is eternal, our many skins we may shed. Like the Phoenix raising from the ashes, we will survive. Thank you my darling Fiance for being who you are and loving me good. I treasure what we have together, and the joy that you continue to bring me.
'The world is our oyster.'

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