Thursday, 28 August 2008


Japan, like China is a place of history and survival. It really is a volcanic island not to far from Korea. Martial Arts such as, Karate, Akido, Jujitsu, Judo and many sword styles like Samurai are practiced here. I'm fond of Ninjitsu. Ninjas were often, in the old days of Samurai assassins, spy's and thief's. Surrounded by mystery even today. However, the stealth training and deadly breaking skill with pressure points is something I'm learning more about. What's great about the Internet is all the information is there for us. I'm due to take my Blue belt Karate grading November, and learning more is investing in yourself whatever your endeavour may be. Ninjas can dislocate their joints to escape traps, they can survive extreme temperatures and survive in forestry. A common training method which I'm working on is this:
Lay some old newspaper down in a path-length of your room (after someones read it!)
Now if you can, try to walk along it normally without making to much sound. Now try this...
Secondly, gently place your heal down first and then lightly tread the outside edge of your feet down after, then repeat with the other leg.
Mount Fiji is only a mountain, and like many mountains is strong, tall and can be seen by many.
Become a're mountain.

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