Thursday, 7 August 2008


Every other Saturday dad would take us to see Nanny and Grandad. They were very lovely kind people, and I miss them. Grandad would take me over the pitch to kick the ball, or play in his shed. I would do the garden, trotting about with my little blue watering can. He made me a go cart out of wood, and bought me a purple chopper. When I was really little I accidentally hit him on the head with a hammer! Nan would make us cups of tea with a jam Swiss roll, or just give me and my sister the biscuit tin. She would take us up the village and buy us comics and clothes. Their house was big and old and was an adventure to me. The stairs were green and steep, and grandad would walk down them backwards while me and Crystal would slide down on our bum! When we would stop over it was great, nan would let us watch T.V late and then tell us a story about a cat looking for it's mom. Nan would often doze off while watching cowboy's and Indians, I would play with Granddads dominoes and army men. I would always tell them...
'They polish the sun, it's shinier than back home!'
Nan would put her rollers in and Crystal would help her. Nan was good for Crystal, and Grandad was good for me. Our Dad really misses his mom & Dad, I remember the sad time when I was ten and I watched Staus Quo live in their house after Grandad had passed away. I held your hand dad and I knew you were crying, but I was there and Grandad was there with us. I pride myself on my lovely grandparents, and the lovely Father that they gave me. Crystal still talks about spilling her rice crispies and Grandad not even getting mad. They were perfect, my best friends and walk along side me every day...because we share the same blood.

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