Sunday, 24 August 2008


This rap clout flees my tongue and mouth, never east, but mainly south. I preach peace with love so we are blessed, but the evil is the worlds obsess. We walk with underlining grace, if earth is our place then why do the youth of today struggle to fit their face? The super powers have us trapped, while the web has us kidnapped. I communicate with a true being, those that know me know what I mean...deepness to advanced for the A Team. My search for holy truth engulfs thee, life's like a dream to me, my third eye allows my sight to see. Some have said I'm weird strange, and down right mad...we are all different and that makes me glad, but I produce feelings that make me sad. I feel we can unite, lets fight this fight with all our might. I welcome you all to join me in the shadow blog, it's all for you so have the whole hog. I pledge my code of honour to my martial sisters and brothers, warriors of life produced by only your fathers and mothers.

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