Sunday, 22 November 2009

Who am I?

I am a person wondering a path way that no mountains can top. I can't see the destination for the journey teaches me my inner most discoveries. I am deep & complex, at times misunderstood. I enjoy many styles of music...I can be a Goth. I am attracted to the occult with no judgement on good or bad. I relish in writing dark stories with an intense essence to back up the emotional surge that passes through us all. I don't like football but love the martial arts, i love the internal feelings i connect to and meet a different side to my personality. I can feel lost or I can feel found, like many I battle my darker side known as the 'shadow'
I am positive and live to help others, i want to spread the message of martial arts and healing and in the very same light burn things down with my heavy passions. Like others, I can be an Angel or a Devil, who am I to think or be any different?
Being a Scorpio allows me to go there without fear, to tread the cold damp corridor's of my hells and heavens to share with the world what occurs in me. I believe it so its true to me and that how we should all view life 'how it feels/seems to us'
I centre myself and overcome Duane, I am one with myself and through awareness I know what I must do in this life.
Isn't that what we must all do...just being us...

Friday, 13 November 2009

Back to it

I'm back on my path after a rib injury that's taken over a month to heal. As a result I have had to rest and fought to endure the pain of not training and not having the motivation to write in my blog. I took it as holiday lol. Anyway here I am trying to get back on that Dragon, or Tigers back. If I have learnt anything from this it is to be patient and careful in all that you do. I will continue to write some stories here for you all,and post some of my training journals. If you want me to explain anything or write anything fun just send me message on face book, or this blog. I have a lot of work ahead of me regarding my brown belt next year and writing my main stories. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and getting to know me a little better.
Take Care and be lucky.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

BlackBird has spoken...

'Morning has broken, Blackbird has spoken.'

Monday, 5 October 2009

'Sir Brendan Of The Duffy's!'

'That's a good punch bag.'
Are my words as we hit the hell out of Brendan's home made bag that he had hanging in his door frame at his moms opposite Pegasus way back in the 1988. Paddy & James Mcallion and John Yates were with us too.
Our lovely friend Brendan has moved on, we are shocked and saddened by his sudden departure, and these words that I write seem so unreal to me and I am known for my unreal words. Brendan was a loyal warm generous friend who would always be polite and make time for you on the way to the shops or in my case down the Jag 3 weeks ago, (which i told him he looked like eminem)
Brendan would always be ready to stand his ground if needed, maybe that was his birthright as an Aries.
He had a great sense of humour and no matter how mad I came across, Brendan would just laugh me off and say 'Mad Demo.'
I have lots of fond memories like you all have and each persons will come from a different angle, but the one point that will be clear is that Brendan was one of the'good guys' no question!
We all feel like something has left us.
I will remember Brendan as a hardcore proud Scottish Celtic supporter and close to his wonderful family. He really looked up to his dad as his hero as he once told me in 1993.
My condolences to Brendan's family, friends, partner and child, that's all I can muster because for once I am at a loss for words...'

Friday, 2 October 2009


'Rob Zombie has pulled it off again. This film is going to be another great creation. Michael Myers is now in 2009.'

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rory 'Spock' Galligher

This blog entry is dedicated to my old class mate Rory.
Myself and other school friends recently heard the sad news of the passing of 'Spock' as he was known in our school days. Although I don't feel the authority to state too much since we left school, I feel it is only right that I share some of my feelings about this young man.
Rory, to me was always 'gutsy' in the fact that he would always defend himself in his own cheeky way, I always remember the time outside the shop when he tried to push me when I wasn't looking and ran off, I would have tried chasing him if it were not for the fact that i was trying to stay on my bike lol. Looking back now as an adult I can see how intelligent Rory was in class too, he was often over looked and over shadowed, but he always seemed to put his hand up to answer a question. He also had a quiet wit about him and his appearance masked who he really was. I often wonder if any of us knew him at all, let alone try to?
'Spock' was one of the most popular people in our year because he had a feature. 'Dent head' is what we all called him after his first nick name. Rory himself would always say 'Yeah I'm a dent head.' how humble was this really yet people took this as weakness, me included. He had more charisma than the popular lads, he was a one off. On top of this I would class Rory as one of the toughest kids around, he endured abuse to a degree but would keep coming back. He was resilient and brave.
Above all this, I don't think I ever seen Rory set out to upset someone either despite living in daily upset himself. He kept a very small circle of friends, and at times it seemed that Rory controlled his tormentors and not the other way round.
'At the time of you passing, you feel closer to us all, funny have had the last laugh my friend.'
'Be lucky.'
Duane 'the pain'

'Kicking Your Own Butt!'

'I kick my own butt a lot?!'
When I train martial arts it is to keep myself in check, not to be aggressive or a 'fighter'. I am not any, although the human structure allows for a temper and a mentoring campassion. Really though life is all about facing your fears, fear controls us. I myself have many demons to overcome and this makes my journey even more exciting and terrifying. Just think now to your self of how many times you have been upset about a fear that keeps holding you back? I'm just riddled with them lol. This is being human and normal. I always try to remember that famous saying from god knows...
'The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero feels the fear and goes ahead regardless.'
What ever you are involved in at this time, without realising it you are fighting your self. You may be doing something not so good to your body or you may be starting a new job and are really nervous, either way you are kicking your own butt.
Just make sure it's for the better because you only have one bottom!!

Castle Vale Skies

Karate Kid II

Friday, 28 August 2009

1-10 In Chinese


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Essence Of Being

We each have our own paths to walk in this life. We all share life but have our own life also. I have the ability to practice martial arts and write short stories, others will have different gifts. As life is hard to us and we all need to provide for our families, we should not lose faith and sight in taking the time to develop what we were born with. I have such a long way to go and at times do get discouraged. I find though that after I work out or write, the mist has lifted and I feel more me again. Unless you are leaving for the moon anytime soon, you are stuck here so it makes sense to use what you were born to do weather your poor or rich. Another lesson I am learning is that you must become something in order for it to really work for you. Martial arts can help instill depth and focus, but the real essence of being will ultimately come from you-yourself. What once was a thought has now become an action and it is up to us to work at things and see them through. Do whatever you need to in order to stimulate yourself, even if you have to judge the world. Just keep anything that could damage others to your self and project a positive mind set no matter what you are going through, nobody can truly destroy us, only we can accept defeat. Whether we like it or not, we all exist on this planet. Some of us choose to do good, others bad, but we are all together and alive and life its self is the greatest fight we will ever face. After we leave this place we will be doing something else.
I wish you all the very best of love, because luck is only a word.

Marvel Classics

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

...Keys To The Soul...?

Marvel Classics

Only In America!

Only In America!

Yin 2 Yang

' The yin and yang symbol. It represents both extremes of nature, dark and light. I understand more now that from light is born darkness and from darkness there comes light. It's just like our emotions too because what ever is bothering us plays on our minds and makes us feel horrible inside. We must have faith and know that the light is never far away. And we shall begin with finding our own switch to activate a little so that the dark will never truly over come. One cannot exist without the other like night & day, male & female. A cycle never to be broken, just continues until evolution, spiritual enlightenment and love take the realms to another doorway of our exciting lives.'

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Man in the mirror

Now that Michael Jackson has been put to rest his words are felt my many. It's funny how words you think you have heard before really have just glided past your notice. I'm talking about the song - man in the mirror.
A lot of past preachers have often talked about how we all want the world to change for the better. We as people seem to be always improving ourselves through what ever we are involved in. We earn money or win medals, we are driven by succeeding, by being happy. It gives us a sense of return and we feel better for it. This is just the surface of completion because we need to start winning inwards. I believe its true to begin with the self because at the end of time we all return back to face the self after we have been around life.
A full circle of completion. 'WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND'
We need (me too) to take a good honest look in the mirror and ask...'Am I really doing more to improve myself and the world?'
If we work inwards then the external side will project an image which will inspire others and positive elements will spread. Good attracts good, shit attracts shit.
The image you project has more effect on those close to you more than you realise and I feel its time to really make friends with your man in the mirror.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Park Lane

The Comp

'While I was out running...'

Hello every body and welcome back to my blog. It means a lot you taking the time to read what I write about and I know I've been quiet lately. Today, at about 2 0 clock I went for a 2 mile run around the minworth area. I loved the feeling of my legs burning with blood and the lungs working to become fitter. It was a free feeling of letting my mind wonder and sort out any niggling pent up issues out to dry. I could hear the birds and smell the greenery and tree bark, the odd green fly hit my eye though! It took me back to growing up playing in them summer holidays, 6 weeks off school, parklane Tarzan's and dens. So, eventually I returned from my gasping day dream to dodge a branch and practice my bobbing & weaving. Then I noticed people passing in cars...
'They must be thinking I'm mad doing this? So what, at least I am doing something healthy.'
Or so I thought...
I could see mothers puffing away at cigarettes like it was there last breath (may well be some day) I suddenly felt so sorry for their children with them.
'They are not thinking of their children's future or their health.'
I continued judging the world until I realised that I was wrong.
'Sure Duane, your right in saying their habit is dangerous to them and who ever else is around them but you can't sit on an invisible throne and pass judgement either. Judging others is not healthy.'
And with that kick up the backside from myself I just continued on home, and minded my own business.

Friday, 5 June 2009


What is life? Being alive.
What is not being alive? Wastage.
Life is the greatest gift that we all wake up to each living day yet we take it for granted. We take it for granted because we wake the next day and all share problems in this world. We become so familiar with been here that we do not spare a thought to the being in the hereness.
It is all very simple yet deep. Above materialistic things we are here and now, the golden bible for thought here is that we must learn from our past, enjoy our present and plan for our future. Above all we should embrace life and no matter how much crap life does sling at us...we are still standing and breathing after all this time.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


For those of you in your forty's and into Punk music you will be happy to hear about dead wretched return. The lead singer is none other than Mr Steve Carrol. Steve is a close friend of mine and we worked side by side for many years, only recently he was kind enough to play a role as a character whom I created called RAY!
Dead Wretched are playing at the Rebellion Blackpool punk fest in August this year and at the Asylum in Birmingham June 20Th. So if you want to see Ray for real get down there!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Broken Words

Always take care when speaking to others, good words can open different things for you. Broken words can destroy someones dreams...

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Emil Martirossian

Here is an embodiment of the human spirit. Emil is to me, one of the worlds greatest living Martial Artists today. His speed, power and focus are the result of hard sacrificial training. His own way of the arts is Jeet Kune Do's future, Emil is a kind sharing person who is the most humbling person I've ever come across. He is very dedicated towards improving others and is never satisfied with his own ability's and furthers his skills to a even higher level. They advance past the physical and realm into the spiritual and inner conquests of the internal space within. He exists in this world and in a soulful world that can only be felt by the very people he comes into contact with. This is how he improves others. He touches people. People are drawn to him. Everybody is great because there is only one of a certain individual. Emil has managed to project his freedom of love in a transitional approach which in turn creates a honest Martial Artist. To be who you are is to be honest and free, Emil has helped countless others and me.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Enter Don 'The Dragon' Wilson!

To me he was the greatest kickboxer of all time. I still watch all his films, and recently his fights on YouTube. His style was non flashy but productive and I'm trying some of his tactics out for myself with success! I love the way he would lure in his opponents, by taking a few shots on his arms then suddenly ...counter!
And not to mention in the 90's when he came from retirement to win again! He is a inspiration for all martial artists either kick boxers or Karate men.
As I mature I now find that Don Wilson's patient style works well for me now too instead of just rushing in to prove my speed.
Thanks for being an idol, then & now!

Cynthia Rothrock!

Growing up in the 80's was a magical time. As I discovered my love for martial arts as the 90's rolled up I would always watch films like China o Brien. Cynthia Rothrock is a rock for young inspired females and males to begin their martial arts journeys. The thing to bear in mind here is that these talented martial artists had there fair share of struggles and martial art teaches one to fight through the difficult times. Cynthia Rothrock has the toughness and excellent skills, I have not seen her matched today, I class this lady as the worlds greatest kicker along side Super foot wallece.
Thank's for the childhood inspiration!

Friday, 10 April 2009


We never stop growing. Even as adults we grow to learn a little more about ourselves and life. Just like a flower that needs care and attention that comes in the form of food, water, pollination, we are no different.
How can we maximize our growth potential?
I try to face things that frighten me, so that I can handle my fears. I try to eat moderately well, and don't use drugs or drink heavily. (drink free for 4 months)
I invest in my self by reading inspiring books and watching educational programmes.
I try if I can to avoid negative people and places that would have the reverse effect on the above.
It's really difficult, but I can feel the growth.
I know I'll get there in the end.

When we were younger...

Friday, 3 April 2009

Personal Freedom

I love reading books, I love writing. That is me in a nutshell, well not in a shell of a nut but in my own personal universe of happiness. I love practising Martial Arts, not because I want to be able to beat someone up, but because this makes me feel happy about my self. This is my own way of being totally myself and free. I can do what I choose, write what I like and read what I fancy. Reading is a holy power because books hold many treasures. Read biographies and learn about successful people, try and write down your feelings or a poem and see how it makes you feel. Writing to me is a form of counselling because I can really flow and lighten my load, I also feel that I have created something.
What have you created today?
We were all born to create, or at least come up with a simpler way of living. The human mind is so full of potent energy that we often don't realise just how powerful we actually are. When I blog, it is a way to keep in touch with my writing when I'm not working on my novel. I know that I need to write more words, so that these words become the embodiment of the advice I offer. I have to work hard and push myself even when writing feels like a chore. I always did enjoy reading and writing as a child, it is born into me. I realise that hard work must be partnered with it also.
Writing is so personal it's scary! It comes from within...somewhere, somehow. Sometimes I find myself struggling to think of things to write about, (Writers Block) and then at other intervals the words flood out like someone had just opened the gates to my subconscious mind. I either struggle to find a pen & paper or drastically punch the ideas into my phone at hell speed!
What makes you happy?
This is so easy it's daft.
Are you doing anything to acquire your happiness?
If not, why? I know life has it's problems and we all have commitments, even if it is a little thing that will put a smile on your face-just do it.
At times you have to put no1 first. Do it for it now.
...Me too.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Internal Sunshine

Happiness is what life is all about, from the highs right down to the lows. People often mistake being happy for looking happy. Facile expression can be misleading as the person may be covering up their true feelings. Now what I'm talking about is the true, honest feeling of being in a state of happiness. This contentment is felt so deep and real just like the opposite of happy-unhappiness. Even if it's minor things that have had a positive effect on you state of mind. Life is a state of mind. Think about personal power for a moment. Most of it is consumed by habits or pleasures. Now when we face the fear of this entity and try to restrain by it we gain a return. We get a great feeling of self control. Examples of this may be quitting drinking, fast food or swearing. Either way we improve and when we do something really worthwhile for ourselves we expand as a person and enjoy some internal sunshine. This heat that we alone have produced will help us to grow more just like a flower bud. Enjoy influences too like positive friends and environments.
Peace be with each & every last one of you.

When are you coming back?

Where did you go? I always count the time that's slow.
What did I do so wrong? Funny how I always hear our favourite song.
I worry deeply about your health, it's not the money as we know our own wealth.
Maybe you just need time? If only you could read my mind.
I'm not complete without you, what was it that I should have knew?
At time I can still feel your embrace, now the worlds a distant place.
I wonder if you're coming back, was it love that I did so lack?
I wait for you always feeling so sad, so when I see your face I will be so glad!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Art Form

Martial Arts is an art form of self expression, an expression of the self through combated movements. It is not used to bully or provoke but to endure ones own limitations and over come obstacles in life. A common thought is that someone who practices any fighting art is a hard man or trouble maker, that is not what it's about. I would say the internal philosophical side has saved my life, not in the physical world but the mental world. There was times in my life where I would lock my self in my training and 9 times out of ten would emerge elated and feeling more positive. Even if the problems still plagued me and embedded a steel gradient of self will that came with the training. Some times it was rough, but you have sessions where you just need to flow like Tai Chi. I find useing the Bo Staff or Nunchaku's to be relaxing. (A cuppa must follow!) Another myth is that if someone has big muscles and loud that they can 'have a row.'
Well let me tell you right here and now that that is fluff dust. I've trained with Trojans that appeared wimpy like but could put the cat out. Only the other night I was sparring a gentlemen who seemed to look harmless, I can still feel where the bruises was.
A fact to keep in mind that you may have to fight back if there is no other option. In the street it is a different ball game to the dojo. The secret is to make your training so tough that it prepares you for some kind of pain. The feelings of fear must also be felt and used in a useful manner. Adrenalin is what keeps us a float, it can freeze us or give us energy by supplying blood to the larger muscles. Above all enjoy the training and endorphins, respect your training partners and treat others with courtesy.
Martial Arts is a mind, body soul endeavour and if you are fortunate enough to enjoy some of its benefits than good for you!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Being True To Your Self

This post was inspired by a friend. He always offers me support and enjoys reading my 'stuff.'
He wrote me a message letting me know how pleased he was that I was putting effort into what comes naturally. He said that he was glad that I was staying true to myself. This really got me thinking, in fact all week.
'Remaining true to one's self.'
This has to be the purest form of honesty, integrity and self giving there is. My friend also knows that just because you are born with a certain flare (gift) for things that hard work is also needed. In fact it is so hard that you feel like giving up and within that same energy feel like creating something unique, something great.
To be great is to be natural. You must see what is right and what needs improving. To really burrow down and take a good honest glare at the bottomless well of inner self. The true self. It waits for you to nurture it back to life. Some die with their best work still in them. Not even discovered.
Rediscover what you enjoy, or are good at. Then you will be great. If your flare (gift-again) enables you to help others, then you will be greater.
But as my friend starts with staying true to your self.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

1-10 In Japanese


Darrells Dream part 2 of 2

He approached the wood land area with the Owls sound drawing him in, he ventured further. He was no longer cold, yet warm and lost his dressing gown almost voluntary. Mud smothered his feet as he kicked away his slippers from his pale feet. He felt no need to rub away the sleep felt weight that rested on his eye lids, and the woods came to an end. Darrell could see the land marks of the resting, he continued to them, wondering why he wanted to. How did this night suddenly turn to day? Had he gone mad and walked around in daylight as a nights man? But wait...he was still there, with the resting. The sun was blinding yet Darrell was very cold cold. He moved closer towards the voices. He walked quietly as not to be noticed, but needed an answer to why he was here. He knew this place it seems, not far from his house. There, a man talking down and people gathered around dressed in black crying. A funeral. He was at the cemetery. Darrell thought about all the better places he could have chosen to sleep walk. He waited for the mourners to depart and made his way over to the tombstone. He nosily bent down and moved the flowers from the plack. It was there that Darrell finally seen, it read...DARRELL SMOGGS R.I.P...
His tormented soul roamed, until he was visioned with his past. He would see those he hurt. His heroin addiction killed him, like he killed feed his addiction.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

I'll be back.

You keep checking and I've let you down. I've been busy with sharpening my swords so I can cut through life like an onion. I will not abandon you again.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Feel Free

Do you worry about what people think of you? Are you already editing the response from within your depths just to keep others happy? This is a natural trait as fear keeps us locked into our selves, and spawns darkness. Some people say what they feel, this is good, then at times maybe bad. I'm trying to find the mid range button and accepting that you cant please everyone, there will always be some one who cant warm to you. This works with you too. We are we, you are you. That is the bottom line, where the buck stops despite how you feel of how others may misinterpret you. We are free, I feel anyway even though at times we feel trapped. We can touch the sky and spread out. We are not fighting in the war of suffering to extremes. We can listen to what we choose and go most places in basic format. We have freedom of speech and our own lovely personalities.
Muhammad Ali once said, 'Me...We!

Friday, 30 January 2009

The Martial Artist!

The martial artist is never satisfied with his results so far. He/She can always do better for ones self than bettering others. They read about origins and training tips that can help build them a better mind, body and spirit. Their thirst for knowledge and the ultimate satisfaction that they can protect their only life is a great feeling, they want to be free. Just like a wild animal their skills and instincts are honed to pin point focus and their bodies become what they so solemnly practice. For some it may be lonely, for others a meeting of people. They retain humble and humility, they wont boast or bully for they know better. Above all they know that it is just an art form of human expression but with much discipline. They are not better than anyone or below anybody. They just are.

Darrells Dream Part 1 of 2

He had had this reoccurring dream so often now it was like an every day truth. He would wake up and check the clock, it was 3:30am. He would venture out wearing only his brown slippers, red pajamas and blue dressing robe. Up and down the streets lay empty and snow had settled like an invisible visitor. The street lamps seems to light the way for Darrell to follow, he was following his subconscious sleep self. He could hear the birds communicating with each other from the bare trees, yet birds were out of sight. Why is that? A faded breeze seemed to find its way to make Darrell colder, but he walked on. He felt like the only one on the earth, even though he concealed a sense of loneliness, there was nobody who could hurt him. Was there? He was curious to why he was here. This felt like his own time, if only life in the woken world would allow this much freedom...

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Phoenix Eye

At present, I have been practising Kung Fu's Phoenix Eye. I'll not go into detail as it is very dangerous to the unsupervised. It is for attacking soft tissue areas to limbs and nerves, and I feel it is true empty hand combat at its peak. It is almost as if you have a weapon all of a sudden without really having one. Conditioning is a must like you can see from the photo, conditioning in its self can be a form of anything in which serves you stronger in any area of your life, not just martial arts.

Friday, 9 January 2009

White Crane Fist Style

I'm enjoying my introduction into The White Crane System in Kung Fu, taught to me by Sifu WushuRichard on YouTube in China. The art suits me well as I am thin and fast, and I'm unearthing the over looked truths to this gentle yet yielding and effective style. I wont share to much here because I'm still a student and always will be, but to put it bluntly it can face off against most attacks I'd say being similar to Wing Chun & Preying Mantis. Slowly I am returning back to the self, my true self. He has being lost for a while with only his mind lingering. I love the martial arts and the nice people involved in it. Without it I wonder who I'd actually be without it?

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Black Skies

It lurks within us all. The shadow self which feeds on insecurities and grows stronger by our self doubts. With the right faith, information and courage, we can light up our lives. We can be who we want to be, choose to be. We all feel trapped at times, my martial arts has helped light my darkest rooms. How? Well, I've forgave myself many times over and others, then cleaned up my diet and cleansed my body through breathing exercises and training. Mental training has to go hand in hand with the psyical so the third eye can see far from now. I build a newer armour, not for show but for know.