Friday, 30 January 2009

Darrells Dream Part 1 of 2

He had had this reoccurring dream so often now it was like an every day truth. He would wake up and check the clock, it was 3:30am. He would venture out wearing only his brown slippers, red pajamas and blue dressing robe. Up and down the streets lay empty and snow had settled like an invisible visitor. The street lamps seems to light the way for Darrell to follow, he was following his subconscious sleep self. He could hear the birds communicating with each other from the bare trees, yet birds were out of sight. Why is that? A faded breeze seemed to find its way to make Darrell colder, but he walked on. He felt like the only one on the earth, even though he concealed a sense of loneliness, there was nobody who could hurt him. Was there? He was curious to why he was here. This felt like his own time, if only life in the woken world would allow this much freedom...

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