Thursday, 20 December 2012

Why Kicking Tones Your Stomach/Merry Christmas

I'll start by wishing everyone a Happy Christmas & New Year 2013, right...kicking!

So how do kicks help get you fit? We are not Donkeys? Well if we look at the common exercises used to work out the abdominal area, we usually perform crunches, leg raises and sit ups. Now, while these methods do work and enable the practitioner to solely focus on the muscles of the waist and ab wall, they are not the only method. In some ways you don't actually need the burden of performing many rep unless the muscle development is not what you desire. In any ab movement the top or bottom part of our body is raised to activate a contraction.

When we look at kicking we automatically lift our knees first to kick anyway in most techniques. Some kicks will be executed with a straight leg which will work the lower abs and hip flexers. The waist is put through rigorous amounts of twisting while the top part may be performing punches. Thai boxing really takes advantage of this with the continuous power and pivoting. Add to this bag or pad work as an added part of resistance and then you have your self an ab workout.

Thank you all for reading my blog and supporting me. I will see you all in 2013.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Karate Sensei From Canada Approves My Book

Kickboxing in Paradise & Other Short Stories is making it's way around the world. I am delighted that people are enjoying it as it was my first attempt. Thank you very much to Rick, the founder of Defensive Empowerment Systems in Canada for the great photo above. It means a lot and you are very kind.

Your friend, Duane.

Below is where you can attain a copy...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why It's Healthy To Own a Punch Bag

Owning your own punchbag gives you a workout friend who will always be there if your willing to be there too. It is a great stress relief if you have had a pent up day, and a positive outlet that you can unleash some fury on. You don't even have to be a top fighter skill wise in order to use it. For those who train Martial Arts it is a deeper matter, for we can do more than just hit and snarl. The bag can be used to wrestle with if its heavy, provided you have safely wrapped up any chains that could whip you in the mush! I like to put a jacket on it and pull it about "PUNK"

A good workout is to do your kicks and punches and then when your stand up is done, unhook the bag and then wrestle with it on the ground. The bag is dead...lifeless so its up to you to visualise and pretend its an attacker on or below you. Get used to been on the floor so if you end up there it wont scare you as much.

Move around when standing, train all ranges and try it without gloves to prepare you for combat. It will get you fit in no time and the heavier the more strength benefit you will receive. Try hitting nonstop for one minute, try talking to the bag (not the wall) Some lighter bags can be used to squat or curl with, some Kung Fu students with stand in a horse stance resting the bag on their forearms. One big mistake is trying to look good, just hit the dam thing. We all can look fast and powerful on the bag so just remember it is just one tool with many uses, but the quality of the workout will depend on your own ability to think alone.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mike Tyson... Skillful?

When we hear the name Tyson, we are greeted by the term 'Animal' by those who just see a brawler and a killer instinct. Granted, without his ferocity Mike Tyson would not have got as far as he did I feel. In the ring, or in any fight it is a life fight to live. Boxers fight to win, to defend titles its their job. Now, here I want us to look beyond the devastating power and drive that Mike had, or still may have. He has been voted second fastest to Ali and at his weight with his muscle and build that is amazing. The way he used to bob and weave, slip and duck low was an art in its self. He was a shorter fighter and played to his strengths  He was also trained to catch so he was fast on the prowl also, combine that with his stance, how low he could sink before exploding up was great. He was so hard to hit in his prime, his head movement was second to none as he used the small hanging target to slip around, again very fast hands and very explosive. His speed worked, his fitness worked and his power worked. He had the conviction to finish his opponents. A great fighter in his day, remember the good about his abilities. If we absorb his qualities and Ali's then we too maybe can become great?

Friday, 9 November 2012


"This months article will focus on Solo Training. This training is practiced by many and is also very over looked by some who struggle to become motivated. I show you how to get fitter and you the basics, and have some fun while fitting it all in around your busy lifestyle. 10 % exercise  90% motivation and dedication = 100% life. You will get fit and learn some Martial Arts along the way." - Your friend, Duane.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Birth in the Shadows, Alive in the Light.

Often as a human, we are inclined to keep things to ourself. Some may be more open about their pursuits than others, but for most, planning is done out of view. When a flower is a seed it is not to be seen. The earth can feel it. When the plant or flower arrives, it is there in its end result for us all to see. We don't see the struggle towards the light, and this is to be remembered  If you ever feel kept down or feel threatened by the success of others... don't be. Simple. Keep working away underground, keep struggling. Just as they may have encountered pain and suffering from beneath the surface. So you too must feel the wind and rain. If you don't make it then you die trying. Simple.
The darkness is really a place for your seeds to contain strength, so that they may brave the light...
Just like you.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Who are they?

In this life there is but two types of people, Givers and takers. 
As I age and become more aware of not only others but myself, I see a dual side to peoples actions. Before I continue, I will remind you all that I myself have made some hiccups and that we all are capable of good or bad. My advice is to attain an open mind, not a gullible one.  Have a universal view. Here I will list two sides to people, the bottom line is that some do not even see themselves.


These characters are the bowel of Azimuth. They lack any real imagination, depth or sensitivity. They often break hearts or dreams, their conversations are one coloured. They often react to what is with what they have then move on, unaware of the effects it may do to a more thoughtful person. They are smug and witty. They may also talk too much about themselves, and shout when they whisper. They could have world skills but lack any real information about their own mind and bodies. Many have more wealth then stealth.


These people will be kind, thoughtful and calm. They may trust to easy and fall hard. Regardless they will be real and fun. They listen,  and see. They are aware of them selves even their bad traits unlike the FS above. They could take longer to forgive or they may forgive easier. They will be wise and warm, fair and friendly. At times may seem cold but mostly in thought. They can communicate all ways, all situations..unlike the FS above who just see how it effects them.

Some people may be a mixture of both and nobody is perfect. Which one are you? Who are you?


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Art of Warfare?

MARTIAL ART. Warfare Art...

Does this mean only FIGHTING? What is fighting? It is a violent struggle of destruction, to either win or enforce a feeling. When we watch sport martial arts we see the art in a controlled arena, sometimes the blood sport element of Boxing, Kick/Thai boxing and UFC seems to divert the essence of art away from the ART. Here is the paradox. I believe although it is fighting it is still the ART of movement, but I also believe the ART is lost also in the same moment. I feel KATA/FORM competition is more personal in ways as its you against you. True SELF DEFENCE is protecting oneself from the self also. KUMITE, LIGHT CONTACT is a safer way of displaying MARTIAL ART than FULL CONTACT. For some FIGHTERS it is their jobs and they are great at what they do and they have my RESPECT. The arts go deeper for me I'm afraid, but we need exposure to what its like to be hit for real, so the shock of an attack does not bewilder us. The good thing about Martial Arts is that it caters for all who desire different things. What I think or feel may or may not be true for the person reading this post now. Some will disagree or agree...YIN & YANG.

I respect what we have now, but just as we all have our own Martial paths...I choose Martial Arts to preserve me and not injure myself through trading war shots with another be it for money or glory. I just love training, it is fun, stress relieving and it works. I have competed in Kickboxing and although I enjoyed winning and receiving a gold trophy, I still had an emptiness within. 

Wherever your place in this great discipline...enjoy it!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friend & Foe...

How important is winning? We play sports to win, we strive to be successful and reach our goal. Others have something to prove, be it for insecure statement or harmless fun in an event. For some Martial Artists it could mean competing at a match or a forms stand off. Beyond your opponents there will be that one being, that one person who has been with you all along. He, or she will have tormented and spurred you on...helped you cry and helped you to smile.

It is YOU! The core of the word SELFISH. It is the ISH ness of the SELF that has been with you from day one, a blessing or a burden...this is the US in the YOU, the AM in the I. At times the self is naughty, at times is good. Our friend will at times in our life have gotten us into trouble and then again... maybe they have helped us out. Never give in to the self of shadows, but look for the self of light. This is your internal YIN/YANG speaking volumes, and how many Olympic athletes have prepared the SELF through battle until now. The moment is NOW. So we all fight against our true selves, not others. If THEY are a YOU, in the meaning a human viewpoint then ultimately there is nothing to prove. Only  SELVES who have yet to awaken to the duel of their natures...just like me, and just like you reading this now had too, or still are... will be forever lost until we experience spiritual awakening. It is natures way for us to "Penny drop" to REALISE... it is inner OCCURRENCES that pivot us so that we point the way we wish to lead. That my readers is DESTINATION UNKNOWN...


Friday, 20 July 2012


Welcome back to a new improved Blog from myself! Thank you for taking the time to read what I write, it's very kind. Today I'm giving the up most respect to Bruce Lee, after all is it really 40 years he has been gone..there or round about? Sifu Lee has made such an impact on many people all over the world (myself included) and this wont be a harp about how great he was. This is a harp on how great he still is in memory and in all his disciples practise. What we need to look at his how much he inspired many young and older people to look after themselves. He not only was the voice for silent movie makers and fans,but fitness gyms and almost anybody involved in Martial Art. Some may say they prefer Jackie Chan, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will respect Bruce despite any views that they may have on him.

 I feel one aspect of Bruce Lee's legacy is how we can document our own mistakes by researching his notes and philosophies. For example, in the early 70's realised that heavy weights was not a 'must' and that you can use the bar and train circuits to save time and train safer. Bear in mind Bruce had tried many methods and was super strong anyway by that time. It was all the stripping process of JKD. Other may argue that he burnt himself out, I cannot and have to much little knowledge to agree or disagree with that.. so I concentrate on the positive and can only voice from my own research and exposure.

Worthy of a mention is children today worship him, Woman look up to him and nothing in my eyes is more soothing on the mind than Woman and Children training in harmony. (Show the Men up!) Posters of him still hang in many gyms and Martial Arts training places, add to that bedroom walls also. Above all the name Bruce Lee is an example of hardship and he is a hero for those in a struggle. His passion and determination got him to where he wanted to be, but it wasn't easy. So remember nothing should really be is only easy when you have gone through 'uneasy' firstly. Do you really think its that easy for me to sit and fill a blank page with writing? It is what I do, what I enjoy but believe can be difficult. I often have to search the jungles of my mind to weed out the hidden gems and banish the sludge that clings to them.

All of us can inspire or set an example to someone else. If only we knew how potent our energies are. How I operate is if someone upsets me or does me a wrong turn, I rise above 'getting even' (although we all have a right to stand up for ourselves) instead I turn to inspiration..the great friends I share my life with and use the energy to create something to help others while keeping myself positive. You can not fight them all. In doing so you will lose to your self. Beat yourself first and you will never lose a battle. Life IS the battle!

Stay true, remain you...

Friday, 6 July 2012


1. Hi Pam, what is your Martial Art in which you train and why?
Kickboxing/Thai, when I first started training 18 years ago there wasnt much choice but I am glad because I love kickboxing even though I have now tried other arts.
Also I am a massive Bruce Lee fan I used to watch him for hours and think to myself " I want to do that ".

2. How long have you been training and why the practice of Martial Arts?
Near enough 18 years on and off because I tried gyms, exercise classes etc and none of them did anything for me, martial arts gives me the biggest buzz its a passion.

3. Whats the name of your club?
Closed Combat Arena

4. Do you feel Woman should practice a Martial Art, and what benefits does it offer?
All women should practice an art or self defence not only is it very good for fitness but also gives you confidence to deal with undesirable situations that may ever arise.

5. Have you done Gradings or entered any competitions?
Done gradings earlier on in my training now I just think a grade does not make you any better than if you have trained for a long time, its just a belt although I do have high respect and admiration for the artists that want to reach that goal.

6. What has your training given you as a person, and how has it helped your life in other areas?
Confidence, fitness and as I said earlier the biggest buzz lol.

7. Have you studied any other styles and with other Instructors?
Recently for the second time I visited Brighton and trained in JKD and Urban Combat with Sifu Emil Martirossian which I found amazing and also have plans to return for some more training.

8. What is your star sign [Laughs]
Pisces, you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one lol.

9. Do you have a favourite technique?
I love all kicking techniques and I would say jump front kick is my fave but my side kick is more powerful.

10. How often do you workout, and what is your personal training routine at present?
Up to 3 times a week depending on what classes are on, also I do cardio at home to keep me in shape.

11. If the whole world was listening now, what advice would you offer for people starting out?
Find the right club and the right art for you its hard work and your always learning but go for it! Blood sweat and tears, but necessary to make you stronger.


Thursday, 17 May 2012


"Art is a term used to describe a creative activity or a creation within oneself..."

Sunday, 22 January 2012


The famous scorpio zodiac. Scorpio traits are the deepest and most intense of any of the signs, never concerned with the superficial. Often this gives them great power they can see into people with their immense intuition. Very passionate in everything they do, often thought of as the sexual sign. Scorpio carries this intensity into everything they do. Scorpio can inspire fear or awe in others because of their often-overwhelming ability to strip away all veneer to get to the bottom line and not afraid of endings or new beginnings. A loyal friend but a fanatic foe, they invented the word “revenge.”

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Mother, the greatest person..
Yarn in the hands of a loving mother
Firm and close she sets the stitches
Knitting into the sweater of her departing boy
Boy grows and mother becomes old
Before he can repay the love of his mother, but she has gone
Making brave men ever since shed tears..

Monday, 2 January 2012

Military Training For Martial Artists

Happy new year first of all and welcome back to my blog! Here we will investigate the benefits of Army based training, and all training used by the armed forces in fact. Now lets look at the words 'Martial Arts' it means 'Warfare Art' so when we look at 'Military' its is in fact 'militant' one and the same. Our forces are trained to protect and serve, and our Martial Arts skills should serve the same purpose..along with added benefits.
a focused mind
and a strong heart (in love & war)
Lets look at some exercises that both these arts use. Most our body weight moves = 'Calisthenics' in Greek in means 'Strength & Beauty'
Push ups (as showed above)
sit ups
calf raises
pull ups
The benefits of using your own body is that you focus more on how 'you' move and its 'you' moving in battle in the army or in the street. You can train your strength and endurance at the same time (circuit training) and is cheap, requires little room and is free. It's better time wise also. This training can be great for people starting out and for the ladies. You can find many ideas on the Internet, but I wanted to to look at the how in martial arts training and army type training is the same and both hold similar purposes.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this and has shed a little light is what little I know.