Monday, 2 January 2012

Military Training For Martial Artists

Happy new year first of all and welcome back to my blog! Here we will investigate the benefits of Army based training, and all training used by the armed forces in fact. Now lets look at the words 'Martial Arts' it means 'Warfare Art' so when we look at 'Military' its is in fact 'militant' one and the same. Our forces are trained to protect and serve, and our Martial Arts skills should serve the same purpose..along with added benefits.
a focused mind
and a strong heart (in love & war)
Lets look at some exercises that both these arts use. Most our body weight moves = 'Calisthenics' in Greek in means 'Strength & Beauty'
Push ups (as showed above)
sit ups
calf raises
pull ups
The benefits of using your own body is that you focus more on how 'you' move and its 'you' moving in battle in the army or in the street. You can train your strength and endurance at the same time (circuit training) and is cheap, requires little room and is free. It's better time wise also. This training can be great for people starting out and for the ladies. You can find many ideas on the Internet, but I wanted to to look at the how in martial arts training and army type training is the same and both hold similar purposes.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this and has shed a little light is what little I know.

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