Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Make Sense?

Traditional martial arts training may involve some sort of blindfold work, I found this to be very useful when I was doing Karate Do. You would have to try and use your other senses, such as hearing and if their feet stunk smell. By standing in a circle of your peers they would all come at you one at a time and then together. Yes it got scrappy and clumsy as no sight is a difficult view to go without. Some times you fluked and other times you looked like a ghost had upset you. I tried to carry these drills over into Kick/Thai in my personal workouts, they was fun and I loved testing myself. It is a deep personal thing trying to strengthen your other senses so I first tried it on the bag and speed ball. Prior to this I tried to hit the pads and speed ball by looking away, bit like some fighters do. Don't look away when sparring though especially if you owe your mate a tenner. Finally I did a bit of sparring, noway could I make it look like the movies, but with some patience things came together. Sensitivity in fluid movement and once you sparred without the blindfold on everything just looked so much clearer that it actually made some sense?