Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Trick Or Treat?


Devils Night aka Bonfire Night/Samhain's The Festival Of The Dead aka Halloween

The smog consumes our estates, the youth wreck havoc with mischief. The autumn leaves play around our feet as we tread the pavement dressed up in the fanciest costume-trick or treat?
Fun is going on for all and maybe not for all. The elderly dred this time of year, some dred all the seasons. There is no batman, no Charles Bronson, no saviour to help keep us safe. There is history surrounding these events, folk law? myth? Who has proof? Who has proof there is no Santa? mom and dad? No. Think.
All backgrounds were birthed from substance, some not so solid, some invented by the ones who play with afraid. What witch cast her spell for the first ever person to turn the clocks back? Daylight saving..? how do we know that? what is daylight saving?
It is daylight stealing..for a higher purpose.
We lose loved ones through our lives, and I'd like to think that Jack o lantern pumpkins guide the unrest to the resting place, but every action has a reaction, black magic, and evil spirits have been known to resurface causing small mishaps throughout the year, yet we all send our children out dressed up?
Every year outs some to rest and frees others, like a prison key with no home. We make bonfires-why?
Mankind make the best of what they can, and it's good that we can enjoy these times as they are fun, and we need fun in our lives.
But for those of you out there unaware thinking I am talking silly..
give these two nights the respect they deserve, keep safe.
Because believe me..there's more at work out there than we all know.'

Rising Thoughts

'The sky above is like human emotion, dark & light then midpoint. We don't know how long it will last, just waiting for a breeze to come along and refresh us and blow the cobwebs away..'

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


'It's been about for some time now, and always will be. Do your part in dissolving it online and off.'


Saturday, 2 October 2010



An Alien sighting was reported yesterday from a lorry driver who was taking a rest from his driving. His witness statement to the local Police station read:
'I stopped off the canal side chip shop to take a break from driving my lorry. I was checking how much change I had when I noticed a bright light on the canal, I thought it was odd but was too tired to be that bothered after driving long hours. I approached the window to the chippy because they lock the door after late. I could not believe what I seen before my blooming eyes, there were two Alien looking things or whatever they were, eating chips from the wrapper. One even had an ipod! They looked just like we all imagine short greenly silver with big heads. I felt my self walking wide around them trying to catch the owners eye who, I must admit looked to know them. The two peculiar beings glided past me as if surfing the tarmac on a skateboard.
'Evening geezer.' The one said to me. and a split second after his pal said to me, 'needs more vinegar mate,' well I was flabbergasted to say the least! I quizzed the chip shop owner about his sanity and if i had imagined the pair of Aliens munching sliced fried spuds. This is what he hadto say..'
'O yes, Bollard and Fixture often come to taste my chips, apparently my reputation has spread across the galaxy.'
I was shell shocked, i immediately made my way back to the lorry questioning my own sanity! Bollard and Fixture..? Bollard and flipping Fixture? What a pair of names, even for Aliens! Thats when I informed the police. I strongly urge people, with Halloween fast approaching that we remain alert around our chip shops, and although they seemed quite pleasant, these two visitors... my main concern was a potato shortage.
SIGNED: Mr Elliotstra Terrestialer