Thursday, 22 November 2012

Karate Sensei From Canada Approves My Book

Kickboxing in Paradise & Other Short Stories is making it's way around the world. I am delighted that people are enjoying it as it was my first attempt. Thank you very much to Rick, the founder of Defensive Empowerment Systems in Canada for the great photo above. It means a lot and you are very kind.

Your friend, Duane.

Below is where you can attain a copy...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why It's Healthy To Own a Punch Bag

Owning your own punchbag gives you a workout friend who will always be there if your willing to be there too. It is a great stress relief if you have had a pent up day, and a positive outlet that you can unleash some fury on. You don't even have to be a top fighter skill wise in order to use it. For those who train Martial Arts it is a deeper matter, for we can do more than just hit and snarl. The bag can be used to wrestle with if its heavy, provided you have safely wrapped up any chains that could whip you in the mush! I like to put a jacket on it and pull it about "PUNK"

A good workout is to do your kicks and punches and then when your stand up is done, unhook the bag and then wrestle with it on the ground. The bag is dead...lifeless so its up to you to visualise and pretend its an attacker on or below you. Get used to been on the floor so if you end up there it wont scare you as much.

Move around when standing, train all ranges and try it without gloves to prepare you for combat. It will get you fit in no time and the heavier the more strength benefit you will receive. Try hitting nonstop for one minute, try talking to the bag (not the wall) Some lighter bags can be used to squat or curl with, some Kung Fu students with stand in a horse stance resting the bag on their forearms. One big mistake is trying to look good, just hit the dam thing. We all can look fast and powerful on the bag so just remember it is just one tool with many uses, but the quality of the workout will depend on your own ability to think alone.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mike Tyson... Skillful?

When we hear the name Tyson, we are greeted by the term 'Animal' by those who just see a brawler and a killer instinct. Granted, without his ferocity Mike Tyson would not have got as far as he did I feel. In the ring, or in any fight it is a life fight to live. Boxers fight to win, to defend titles its their job. Now, here I want us to look beyond the devastating power and drive that Mike had, or still may have. He has been voted second fastest to Ali and at his weight with his muscle and build that is amazing. The way he used to bob and weave, slip and duck low was an art in its self. He was a shorter fighter and played to his strengths  He was also trained to catch so he was fast on the prowl also, combine that with his stance, how low he could sink before exploding up was great. He was so hard to hit in his prime, his head movement was second to none as he used the small hanging target to slip around, again very fast hands and very explosive. His speed worked, his fitness worked and his power worked. He had the conviction to finish his opponents. A great fighter in his day, remember the good about his abilities. If we absorb his qualities and Ali's then we too maybe can become great?

Friday, 9 November 2012


"This months article will focus on Solo Training. This training is practiced by many and is also very over looked by some who struggle to become motivated. I show you how to get fitter and you the basics, and have some fun while fitting it all in around your busy lifestyle. 10 % exercise  90% motivation and dedication = 100% life. You will get fit and learn some Martial Arts along the way." - Your friend, Duane.