Friday, 13 August 2010


:Black Scorpion Methods Copyright 2010:


:Founded By Duane Emsley:

~Saturday 21ST August 2010~

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Feeling is Believing

'Here they all come, faster than I thought.
Everywhere I look, i see them after I hear them.
I hear them after I sense them.
I imagine them and invent them, then I sense them.
I fear them before I create them.
I am surrounded.
It's hard to breath.
Need to be see, tunnel vision needs work.
I don't like this, why are they trying to hurt me?
Maybe they are afraid of me.
I can smell their egos feeding on their wild emotions, uncontained mess.
I feel for these streets.
I could get on the news..
Am I fighting my own shadows?
Is that why it's hard today?
I'm not going down, just need a moment to hide away plan my next move.
Wish I'd have learnt Chess..
I have a chess board.
breathings regulated, I see great.
Legs move light, no baggage on my back.
Rain has stopped and daylight is dawning.
I'm unhurt.
I wonder who can see me here, see me now?
I'm alone, but don't feel it.
are they my friends now?
Is it all over?
The air smells fresh, birds fly over head.
I can walk on.
I have returned to the self and faced my Demons.
I had to lose so I could win.
Freedom of self from self is myself's freedom.'