Friday, 27 July 2012

Friend & Foe...

How important is winning? We play sports to win, we strive to be successful and reach our goal. Others have something to prove, be it for insecure statement or harmless fun in an event. For some Martial Artists it could mean competing at a match or a forms stand off. Beyond your opponents there will be that one being, that one person who has been with you all along. He, or she will have tormented and spurred you on...helped you cry and helped you to smile.

It is YOU! The core of the word SELFISH. It is the ISH ness of the SELF that has been with you from day one, a blessing or a burden...this is the US in the YOU, the AM in the I. At times the self is naughty, at times is good. Our friend will at times in our life have gotten us into trouble and then again... maybe they have helped us out. Never give in to the self of shadows, but look for the self of light. This is your internal YIN/YANG speaking volumes, and how many Olympic athletes have prepared the SELF through battle until now. The moment is NOW. So we all fight against our true selves, not others. If THEY are a YOU, in the meaning a human viewpoint then ultimately there is nothing to prove. Only  SELVES who have yet to awaken to the duel of their natures...just like me, and just like you reading this now had too, or still are... will be forever lost until we experience spiritual awakening. It is natures way for us to "Penny drop" to REALISE... it is inner OCCURRENCES that pivot us so that we point the way we wish to lead. That my readers is DESTINATION UNKNOWN...


Friday, 20 July 2012


Welcome back to a new improved Blog from myself! Thank you for taking the time to read what I write, it's very kind. Today I'm giving the up most respect to Bruce Lee, after all is it really 40 years he has been gone..there or round about? Sifu Lee has made such an impact on many people all over the world (myself included) and this wont be a harp about how great he was. This is a harp on how great he still is in memory and in all his disciples practise. What we need to look at his how much he inspired many young and older people to look after themselves. He not only was the voice for silent movie makers and fans,but fitness gyms and almost anybody involved in Martial Art. Some may say they prefer Jackie Chan, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will respect Bruce despite any views that they may have on him.

 I feel one aspect of Bruce Lee's legacy is how we can document our own mistakes by researching his notes and philosophies. For example, in the early 70's realised that heavy weights was not a 'must' and that you can use the bar and train circuits to save time and train safer. Bear in mind Bruce had tried many methods and was super strong anyway by that time. It was all the stripping process of JKD. Other may argue that he burnt himself out, I cannot and have to much little knowledge to agree or disagree with that.. so I concentrate on the positive and can only voice from my own research and exposure.

Worthy of a mention is children today worship him, Woman look up to him and nothing in my eyes is more soothing on the mind than Woman and Children training in harmony. (Show the Men up!) Posters of him still hang in many gyms and Martial Arts training places, add to that bedroom walls also. Above all the name Bruce Lee is an example of hardship and he is a hero for those in a struggle. His passion and determination got him to where he wanted to be, but it wasn't easy. So remember nothing should really be is only easy when you have gone through 'uneasy' firstly. Do you really think its that easy for me to sit and fill a blank page with writing? It is what I do, what I enjoy but believe can be difficult. I often have to search the jungles of my mind to weed out the hidden gems and banish the sludge that clings to them.

All of us can inspire or set an example to someone else. If only we knew how potent our energies are. How I operate is if someone upsets me or does me a wrong turn, I rise above 'getting even' (although we all have a right to stand up for ourselves) instead I turn to inspiration..the great friends I share my life with and use the energy to create something to help others while keeping myself positive. You can not fight them all. In doing so you will lose to your self. Beat yourself first and you will never lose a battle. Life IS the battle!

Stay true, remain you...

Friday, 6 July 2012


1. Hi Pam, what is your Martial Art in which you train and why?
Kickboxing/Thai, when I first started training 18 years ago there wasnt much choice but I am glad because I love kickboxing even though I have now tried other arts.
Also I am a massive Bruce Lee fan I used to watch him for hours and think to myself " I want to do that ".

2. How long have you been training and why the practice of Martial Arts?
Near enough 18 years on and off because I tried gyms, exercise classes etc and none of them did anything for me, martial arts gives me the biggest buzz its a passion.

3. Whats the name of your club?
Closed Combat Arena

4. Do you feel Woman should practice a Martial Art, and what benefits does it offer?
All women should practice an art or self defence not only is it very good for fitness but also gives you confidence to deal with undesirable situations that may ever arise.

5. Have you done Gradings or entered any competitions?
Done gradings earlier on in my training now I just think a grade does not make you any better than if you have trained for a long time, its just a belt although I do have high respect and admiration for the artists that want to reach that goal.

6. What has your training given you as a person, and how has it helped your life in other areas?
Confidence, fitness and as I said earlier the biggest buzz lol.

7. Have you studied any other styles and with other Instructors?
Recently for the second time I visited Brighton and trained in JKD and Urban Combat with Sifu Emil Martirossian which I found amazing and also have plans to return for some more training.

8. What is your star sign [Laughs]
Pisces, you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one lol.

9. Do you have a favourite technique?
I love all kicking techniques and I would say jump front kick is my fave but my side kick is more powerful.

10. How often do you workout, and what is your personal training routine at present?
Up to 3 times a week depending on what classes are on, also I do cardio at home to keep me in shape.

11. If the whole world was listening now, what advice would you offer for people starting out?
Find the right club and the right art for you its hard work and your always learning but go for it! Blood sweat and tears, but necessary to make you stronger.