Monday, 28 July 2008


I'm really gutted about the fire that engulfed and tore down one of the greatest sea side land marks. I have fond memories of having fun growing up on the Grand Pier, and I'm sure many feel the same. In fact I probably sound over dramatic here, but It really feels as if part of my childhood as been erased. It's strange that I only blogged about it the other day.

I hope they rebuild it. But it won't be the same, not now.


Begin in over head position
Quarter back swing
cross back swing
Neck catch
Back grab
Underarm grasping
Figure eight
Underarm grasp
Underarm grasping
Reverse figure eight
Reverse grasp/side return
Reverse back grab
Quarter cross back swing
Finish in shoulder return position

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Okay, I need to advance lower. But my legs are killing me! The night before I did a lot of lunges, squats and stance work. Not to mention practicing a jumping Kata with a ruck sack on my back. I over done it. Or did I? I love the pain, it tells me I broke my comfort points. My tissues are broken down and need repair, I'll be stronger. People think that because your not big, you can't be strong. It's what you can do, not what you look like. Walking down the stairs was agony, I came down like a clown! I'm not even sure why I'm horse stancing again, testing my new digy cam? Good excuse Emsley.


Allow me to explain to you a little about myself. I can be shy, but then again I can be a leader. I'm in my element when I'm with people on my wave length. I'm not a great lover of Cars, or what is the best, blah blah. I'm happy with my little Renault Clio 1.2, I know it gets me where I need to be. It's a usage not a material trophy that I wear to improve my persona. I have much magic internally that I feel no insecurity to auction my prowess onto others. What I think, or feel, is what matters. I've never enjoyed football. Hated P.E at school too. English and Drama I didn't hate. I don't smoke, and I drink rarely. I do feel for people who really want to give up, it must be hard, but come on guys...would you suck an exhaust pipe? I will meet up and have fun with friends, but feel no need to get blotter. After all, I'm a Martial Artist who's aim is self protection. Where's the protection in getting so drunk that you waste lots of money, vomit, next day and pound your organs. I've done it all, until I became responsible- not boring!
I'm not a Leary lad who enjoys fighting and boasting, I'm calm and kind. I appreciate peace and keeping fit. I love Kung Fu films and spending time with my Fiance. I enjoy blossoming my creativeness through words. I love to write. I'm sensitive and my pride knows it's place. I'm human. I feel like It's hard to be loyal to yourself when in the company of typical males. In the past I would be false to fit in, I felt threatened. No way, you have to be you. You need to stand out, I understand that now. Standing out doesn't make you weird or a freak, not to those who can take a good look at you and see past your eyes. Writers and Martial Artists do this because they watch people. I have emails from great people who share my interests, they are incredibly interesting and dangerous. They write so they don't have to write how good they are. They train to fight because they don't have to fight.
So, it doesn't interest me to how many girls lads have, or how many beers or drugs they can neck, or how hard they THINK they are.
I'm only Duane, only one me.
I'll be this way for ever, and life is beautiful.


Ah, those summer nights are here again. Back when I was growing up it was all BMX stunts over Park Lane down on Castle Vale estate in Birmingham. Me and my mates would walk over the chippy, or have barbeque's. We would play the Mega Drive in Quentin's garden, or just chat, picking Daisy's as the sun bowed down to the roofs. Me and Damien would perform press ups on the railings trying to be Bruce Lee. Ha ha, we would walk to Asda tensed up. Robert would always have his Walkman on playing, Mickey Finn, or Slipmatt. We would all relate as our home life was not as smooth as the other children. Never the less we had fun, we was the Park Lane Federation -P.L.F.
Now though, we have grown up and some have moved away. We will still continue to rem anise about them summer nights over Park Lane making D.I.Y barbeque's out of shopping trolleys. It's all Barby's at each others places now, when we can fit it in. I'm very happy that I grew up in the 80's and 90's, and to you all reading this...I hope it finds you well.

Friday, 25 July 2008


The donkey's trot by, as the little green train runs along the sea front and the smell of fresh donuts fill the air. Seagulls steal chips from discarded paper from Flippers restaurant. The wind picks up as the sand is blown into your ice cream. We stroll by, checking out the ads for the winter gardens. We can hear the roller coaster, when it was once there...behind the grand pier. Dad, can we have some money? Mom's on the 2p machines. Little Trolls are grinning at us. Bumper cars and Zak's rifle ranch, ghost train etc, etc, etc. Hey, open top bus. Visit SandBay ay in Kewstoke. Mooch at caravans and the little pink shop. Go back to house, play with our new toy's...Transformer and a Barbie doll. Think there's a rave shop around here. Thump me in the belly- OUCH! Tao of Jeet Kune Do! Found a Martial Arts shop! The light fades to night, the green lights flicker and we can see wales, we love it here...this place, our western. Fresh sea air, smell it good man. Dad drove down, or we get sarnies and drink straw cartons on the coach- National Express. Smiths or Harbor bar? More arcades... dad! Drink a glass of coke and eat crisps. Hold on, is that a old viking ship wreck in the sand? Lets explore some rocks, have a right old mission. Don't forget the camera! The sea comes in fast, quick run, to avoid the waves. Bit tipsy now, drank many Stella.It all seems like long ago, like one big dream. Maybe the three of us will go back there one day? But there will always be something missing... until we are back there together.
Could be the boulevard of broken dreams?


It was a Wednesday evening, and the children paired up for their usual Kung Fu lesson. Luke seemed to be upset and Sifu could sense this right away. As the lesson progressed, it was clear that Martin was hitting Luke and the other children too hard. Despite cutting glances from his Sifu, Martin continued to loud and disrespectful. Knowing that all children have their moments, Sifu politely asked Martin if he would follow him outside. Once outside Sifu asked Martin if their was anything troubling him.
'No,' frowned Martin.
'I see. Why then, are you so rough tonight on your fellow classmates Martin?'
Martin looked at the floor, 'Because I'm smaller than them, and have to show them how good I am Sifu.'
Sifu lent his hand on Martins shoulder, 'Martin, you don't have to prove to anybody how tough you are. Most of all your class friends. We all learn together, but progress at different stages because everybody is different. Tell me, Martin. Do you remember what Martial Arts teaches us?'
'Err...respect, and honour?'
'Sifu smiled taking back his hand. 'Riight. Would you like to receive some of that Martin?'
'Sure!' Martins face lit up.
'Well now, you need to share some with your class friends. I'm sure they would like that.'
Martin's frown faded and his weight had lifted. He walked back into the hall with his Sifu's arm around him to continue his Kung Fu lesson.


Two wonderful people, who have supported me and made me very welcome into their lives. I'm lucky to be part of the family, without them the hill would have been steeper. You will not find many a couple as friendly, non judgemental and loyal. I really am proud of Stan's strong values, he always has the answers. Janet is a gentle elegant lady, her nurturing ways know no bounds. Although they have difficulties of their own, they always manage to smile. In my eyes... two of the most greatest people, ever to walk the earth.
And I love you both.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Mom, where are you now? I didn't want you to go away. When I close my eyes I can hear you, you are still here. I know you longed to hug me, and tell me that you cared. You would show it in other ways, your disguise as such, but I could sense that you loved me so much. You would make me a wrestling ring for my figures and a batman cape, I would drive my matchbox cars along your legs as you watched sons n daughters. I would be excited as you decorated the flat every Christmas, and in the same instant, tear it all down and make me cry. We held that mother to son bond, we got on well, and then not so well. You would say you was proud that we shared the same birth sign, and in the same instant you would make me cry. I was so young mom, too small to understand. I could look after you now, your number one man. But you left something behind for me didn't you mom? I couldn't see it but know I can feel it. You have blessed me with a creativeness that's known as your sting, you gave it me so I could protect myself, that's why I'm like you. You left Crystal with the sign of the Bull, because you knew that she needs to find her strength and beauty within. When I was chased by a dog, you would stand my ground for me, that was your way. I now see out of your eyes, from looking out of my own. You carried me with you until 11pm 30Th October 1978, and I thank you that. You was my vessal into this world, you gave me my life.
I feared you...
I miss you...
I love you...
I forgive you...
I want you back mom x

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Dad, you have protected me when I was a little boy, and you continue to do so now. My daddy was the best, I would tell my school friends, and he still is. He bought me things as a child and still does. None can hurt me, for you're here to protect me. That was your job, still is. I remember the little things, like resting my head on your chest to sleep, while listening to your heart beat. Your warm hugs, after I had hurt myself. Play fighting in the maisonette to big daddy on a Saturday afternoon.I can feel you with me where ever I go. You taught me about man things and the birds and the bees...thank you. You sooth the pain and encourage me to try again. You are my hero, my best friend. There's nobody like you dad, your full of love, and you have passed that on to me, so I can pass it on to my children. You are strong when I am weak, and when I'm weak you offer me strength. I always heed your wise advice. And when life fought against you, you always put me and my sister first. Looking after two children alone must have been hard, we are grateful, you succeeded.
I am part of you dad, and now I am a man. A man that you made possible. I'm so very Lucky that you are my dad, you are my angel. When your weak, I will be strong. And when you feel weak, I will offer you strength. And when you need a friend, I'll be by your side.
I love you Dad x


The force rests inside you, you know it's there. You can do great things with this, or bad. It's god and the devil, it's heaven and hell. You can make a difference on your chosen path, the world needs you. The one thing that costs nothing in this world is love, we all have it. We are a shape of energy that transmits through the universe and travels the galaxy. Go out and make it happen for you, it's have to find. When you find your purpose and cause, you will have a place on planet earth.


I'm a Martial Artist. I need to train different elements to my body in order for it to serve me well when most needed. Apart from cardiovascular/aerobic training I do for fitness, I also practice resistance training. I didn't mention weights or body building, because that not my area. I have done weights, and enjoyed it, but if I was to use them now they would be light and be part of a circuit. Gravity works against us more when we grow older, which is why everyone should incorporate some form of strength work. I currently use isometrics, dynamic tension and body weight calisthenics. I enjoy the fact that you can do these anywhere, anytime. They also help you to govern your body better in situations. I believe that free weights and machines are the the way to build lots of muscle if that's your goal. As I said before I'd race round the place and circuit the lot! Every body has different needs and has to decide what would benefit them. I want the endurance and conditioning, like to push against things and move my internal steel wire tendons about the gaff. We need to become SLEEPERS, people who are stronger than they appear. In today's life time is most short. Circuit training has become more famous for this and sports fitness. I feel the Chinese and Japanese, Indian wrestlers use their bodies to their advantage. I would agree though that either disgust to any method is not good for the person. One thing I will say is that please don't short change yourself, if you haven't got any equipment or access to a gym. To remain in better shape and retain self respect is an endeavour in which you should hold proud.
Whether you do sports or not.


You, like me, experience this nearly everyday. There will always remain this 'us and them'.
Maybe in your place of work you have people above you. But when you strip the material veil with your naked eye, they are not. These kind of people may be bullies, or try and kill your dreams and any hopes you might have. They could be a passing stranger with the manners of a shoelace. 'Them' will definitely think they can do better, or know better than you. They are wrong. Their resting place is just a position in space, to 'them' it's took for granted. 'Us' must remember not to let 'them' beat us down, we do this in a very clever way. You are your best friend, so just remember that when you feel below 'them'...
You can remain fulfilled that you are not like that.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


He glanced at the liquor store assistant, and then at the shop door. His field of vision had detected members of the local street gang outside. He let the keeper have a polite smile as he scanned through the bottles of spirits. His Chinese reflection watched himself from the glass of a Bells whisky bottle, as his hearing caught waves of voices from outside. A short black leather and jeans, disguised his twelve stone combat trained frame. Which was usually dressed in a Gi. The reflection in which he cast from himself, seemed to resemble his fathers. He looked down at his calloused knuckles, and journeyed back to his childhood and the training his father had gave him. In all of twenty seconds he was back there with his Sifu, until they moved from China to the States in search of a better life. His pain scowered the walls of his internal skin and this young man orphan, who had lost his master, father and best friend, to the back trash gang dwelling outside of this store. He took the bottle of Bells whisky to the counter. The store assistant went to the back for carrier bags, so he checked on his telescopic nunchaku, and Sai tucked neatly in his rear belt.
The assistant waddled back with a cigarette resting on his bottom lip, 'Hey, pal. I can call the cops, save you getting hurt by that lot out there. They're known for muggings pal.'
He shot his eyes at the gang through the glass door, he was like a caged Tiger ready to break free. 'Yes, I know they are. But thank you all the same.' His English was fluent.
He unscrewed the cap off the Bells whisky bottle, and tucked a bandanna into the neck. Then, with respectful speed, he swiped the store assistants cigarette from his lips and then lit the cloth of mayhem.
'Sir! What are you doing?' Shouted the store assistant, with a delayed reaction.
He smiled again at the store assistant, and walked towards the door...
The gang scurried around like ants from a disturbed nest. Fire had taken ahold of some, as they tried to make sense of this attack. One of the gang pointed at a shifting shadow that had moved behind them, avoiding perceptual vision. A silhouette emerged towards them with great speed, and hit with great power. It was time for them to pay for taking the life of his father, they had fallen prey to the Shadow Of The Tiger. A one man vigilante with pain as his neighbour. A young man orphan, one hundred man Kumite winner. It all took twenty seconds.
Blood and crying could be seen and heard after the onslaught, Police graced the pavement and casualties were present. The area at the still of night could sleep in peace.
The store assistant ran out to the Police.
'Did you get a good look at this mystery man in question?' Asked the police, taking notes.
'Just that he looked Chinese, and spoke very politely. Replied the store assistant.
'Okay. Did you happen to get his name then?'
The store assistant shook his head, but pointed towards the steel shutter to the arcades. Through the smoke and broken bodies across the square, in blood was written...


Bernard sat in the bus shelter smoking his pipe. He was taking in the summer breeze and reflecting on his days gone by. Two teenagers, boy and a girl, entered the bus shelter. Bernard was reading his paper. The boy was clearly disrespecting the girl, by saying nasty words to her. In the end, she walked away sobbing. The boy spat on the floor and lit up a cannabis joint.
'Why do you speak so badly of the young lady, my young man?' Bernard asked, to the boy.
'Cuz she does me ed in, en it. Wot's it to ya ol man?'
Bernard stood up, he was 6'5. 'Tell me, what do you know of your self young man?'
'I'm me en it. What ya on a bout?'
Bernard squinted his eyes and smiled. 'So tell me, do you hear the birds in them trees?
The boy rolled his eyes, 'Yeah, so.'
Bernard asked a third question. 'And can you feel your own heartbeat?'
The boy looked smug, 'Yeah. course man, I ain't def.'
Bernard sat back down. 'Do you hear the grasshopper, that's at your feet?'
The boy glanced down and stepped back. 'Ol man! How did ya hear dat?'
Bernard stood back up holding his blind stick, 'Young man, how is it that you do not...'


My blogs the run of the mill ant hill, observe window pane from window sill. Calm and kind intertwine my words combine, sometimes I'm inclined to recline my decline. My blog will be the Bible for fellow rappers, poets, and Martial Artists don't you know it! You can't tame my live wires, still trying to doubt my bush fires readers are tryers. Always observe, don't use drugs, drink or smoke the herb,talk with a proverb. Soaking up your wisdom, like an evaporated lake under sun heat, toned up tanned meat. Emsleys victory over defeat, let me introduce you to my grand style of the eagle beak, comes from underneath. Green eyes and a receding hair line, but I feel fine, log on to my blog and rise n shine.

Saturday, 19 July 2008


Deep down within it burns me out. I can't control it. The force possesses me like a fucking plague. I have visions and beliefs. My opinions ruin my optimism. I am dark. So deadly dark, social gatherings are fine until something trivial to the shallow eye triggers me off. I'm a handful. I'm unstoppable. I'm evil. Every things false and for show, I am a fake. People are not ready for me. I'm afraid. I absorb energy from others, but I remain fair. I am lonely, so lonely. I have always been this way. Always will. No support, just existence. There's no helping me. I've suffered, send me help. Nobody truly knows me, I am my best friend and enemy. I would end it, if only I had the guts. I live with me each day, the bastard. I need a rescue, my bloods clogged. I'm a genius. I can't relax, give me a drink. Give me drugs maybe I'll o.d. Is there some one out there for me? Fucking find me! I'll wait under a bush in your back garden in the pouring rain, sleet and snow ten years after your dent on me. I have a brain living behind my eyes, I'm better than them. I see more. I'll show them the hunting, take them all down... One day love will value me. Here comes the rain...again.


Drive to Karate, I need a good sweat. Sit ups and press ups which tighten the chest. Enter the Dojo with a bow, Sensei's swinging a Bo!
Say 'Hi.' to Trever with his bad foot, try and spar with Nigel avoiding his nut. There goes Craig, Rich and Sanjai too, think Andy's just popped to the loo. I nod to Joanne, she's got hidden strength that one,I check for some change but find none.
I turn 180 as I hear 'Hello Duane!'
I answer right back, 'Hi, how are you Shane?'
He Say's, 'Well, sparring Nigel's like fighting a train.'
I send him a reply, 'But you're doing so well.'
And all of these people and I so gel. I'm sick of them Rugby players over on that grass, if I ever find an onion I'll stick it up their ***!
Working with Sanjai, he praises me well. But he's unable to see that he's coming on swell. Andy, I feel, has come on the most. I tell him this while digesting some toast. There's no ego's here, no worry, no threat. Ive just gone through my Kata's, and now I'm soaking wet.
I'm nothing special, I am no one. Making mistakes is a learning gate. These people are for life, for we are Martial Artists...our Sensei's a great bloke, unless he unleashing the choke! Different styles is my choice, and it's nice choosing. When you do what you enjoy, there's no winning or losing. Every lesson's a quest, another technique to add to your nest. I love Kung Fu too, there's stuff on you tube which is new. Practice what you watch and what you read, and you'll have more knowledge for your brain to feed. We are at the end of another post, I hope it finds you in your place you love the most.
Ill leave you with this, it relates to us all, and will pick you up if you start to fall.


Just how capable are we really? A famous doctor once stated that we should have the ability to save our own life. What does that mean? To help us out, I have put together a list, that would enable us to do just that. Feel free to comment, or add on.

1. Swim a decent distance (or just be able to swim)
2. Sprint fast over a decent distance
3. Being able to handle one's body weight in various positions
4. Train in a combat art
5. Become streetwise
6. Have some knowledge of first aid


Today I'm pressed for time, I have a wedding in which to attend. So, I've wrote on my blog, drank tea and ate rice crispies. But my body is demanding a workout.
So, here where's the open training comes in. Made popular by
It makes sense to get all sweaty before hitting the shower to suit up smelling of Rosie's!
Here goes viewers... Star jumps and joint rotations, stretches.
1 minute of shadow boxing - hands
1 minute - elbows
1 minute - knees
1 minute - kicks
1 minute - throws/sweeps
1 minute - fighting from floor, on my back knees etc
Then 3 minutes putting it all together
Finishing with 2o of each - press ups, squats, sit ups, plus little extra that my imagination orders me to perform. (up and down stairs on my hands - ouch!) neck work also, plus grip.
I run through my Karate Kata 5 times then stretch.
Takes a little over 15 Min's if that.
Don't threat about what exercises you feel you must perform, as long as your training and doing something that will put you a cut above the rest!


'This is our life as we know it, our parents choice for us being here. Doctrins became the gospel truths as the truth shall set you free. Never forget what you've heard, every decision you make will effect your life. We have no time to stand and stare, forwards ever and backwards never. The worst prisons are the ones we build for ourselves, so get as much hay as you possibly can while the sun still shines. Silent voices will be heard. It's not what you can's what your willing to do. Money isnt everything, nor does it grow on trees but babies come from ladies. We all take life for granted, the chirping of the birds when we strole the feel of the breeze through the trees to the water from our taps. Life food while others starve, past lovers and present ones to come. Family and friends, freedom of speach, doing, seeing, tasting, breathing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling...THOUGHT.

Before we know it we are faced with the same four walls as our parents parents, we think we hear voices. Are we experiancing senial dementure?

We turn up our hearing aids as our off springs kneel before us and ask...What did we do with our days?

Friday, 18 July 2008


A happy heart is a healthy heart, that has been fulfilled with love and ambitious passion. Concealing this happy heart will be a touched caring person, who can offer love and friendship if needed. Every person in the world has the ability to love, and be loved. Having a good heart is the result of generosity, caring, sharing, giving and also needing, for we all have needs in which we expect those close to us to full fill, or answer. A strong mind, healthy body and a compassionate nature, equal to a very noble and sufficient human being. It all depends on our own understanding of ourselves, and of those close to us. Along with the ability to recognize our own mistakes, we can honestly rectify the wrong so that the right can shine. Only then will our spirit be cleansed of selfishness, bitterness, and any other profound negative energy.

Good luck on your journey.


I wait politely as the other shoppers fight for the ripest bananas, times getting on and it's becoming busy. My stomach cramps to let me know it will need filling in another hour. I pick some apples while Nich goes for some carrots. I see people I know, some nod, some stop for a chat and some blank me completely. I must admit, shopping tends to make me anti social as I just want to get in and out. We walk down another busy isle, I must get my tea bags. Still yet to meet a martial artist that fails to drink tea and read. I'm feeling tired after my week at work, Nics tired also, she works hard. The Que is massive and I use my self control to just accept the chip shop will have to give us some extra time. I decide to do some Isometric exercises using the shopping trolley. Nobody knows what I'm up too, I'm pulling upwards with a reverse grip and my forearms are activated. This builds raw strength, and I love the fact that this sort of training you can do anywhere, anytime. We're at the checkout and I bend down to put our food onto the belt. My legs and back are still sore from my martial arts training two nights ago. I smile to myself and think
'There's more to come, got my Blue belt grading November.'
Right then, shopping in bags, shopping in trolley, shopping in car, shopping in home.
Chip shop was lovely, more fruit this week. Time for a nice hot bath soaked in Radox and a cuppa.
...I only forgot the teabags didn't I!
(JOKE) What brand of tea does Bruce Lee drink? Thai Fu!

Thursday, 17 July 2008



'Rocky, do you believe that America is the land of opportunity?'
On the 3rd of August 2009, I will be marrying my Fiance America.
It's going to be a life changing experience for us both, and the fun we will endure at Universal Studios will be immense! This is a pact that will set in stone our vow to each other. We will enable it final. No force on earth can break what we have together, I promise.
I reflect of our earlier days over five years back, wow, married in America? Sounds distant to perceive.
America will host us like it has done through the T.V.
We only plan to do this thing once babe, so lets go get hitched!


This is dedicated to all of the bad hearted, self fish, unjustly cowards who try and piss on my parade. Why don't you mind your own and go away to burn! This is dedicated to ex girlfriends and school bullies...look at me now!
This ones for members of families that make other members of family lives a misery. Jealous, small minded dust mites with the brain of woodlice. Use your hearts not your fags, beer, others money...TERMITES!
Bollocks to the ones who know what they did to to weaker people...god awaits.
Hello, to all the think we're goods...kiss my ass too, there you have it.
Get stuffed and stick your head in a combine harvester, I remember, you will pay.
Yeah, that's my nan's possessions you raped there...go fuck yourselves.
Because you see, if your reading this you are a nice person. I only relate to nice people.
The wrath of vengeance is waiting for you all who deserve it, so don't make enemies with me.
So, after you eventually calm down you know deep down, that you need to act more responsible... anger does get the better of us. Good people will forgive and then move forwards with you. Could be worse though, look at poor Banner. The word SORRY holds true force, and power is forgiveness...reflect.
Don't beat yourself up, we all make mistakes...your only human after all!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


He watches us go to sleep at night, and he's sometimes there when we rise early. We were told of the myth of the man in the moon. I love looking up at the moon on a clear fresh night, when the stars twinkle away to see who can catch your eye first. The moon brings me comfort in knowing my past love ones are keeping night watch over me, I sleep easy.
The moon is like us really. When it feels shy it will only show you half of it's self, who said the moon has no personality? There are many moons in the galaxy or universe, we are blessed that just our one on it's own is enough to go around.

On this planet, in our small worlds, in our everyday lives...what can we learn from the man in the moon...

Are you enough to go around?


They are all around us and give breath to all living beings. Tree's are like wise grandparents who have stood the test of time, they can be strong and yet so gentle. I always feel rejuvenated after walking around nature, deep breathing exercises allow the body to absorb 'Ki, or Chi' from the trees. This our life force. Without Trees and breathing we would cease to exist, I wish more people would take more notice of their breathing because it's more important than big muscles. And when people mock the man in the park who stretches and breaths...the Trees will watch down and know better.
'The ignorant will laugh at me, but the wise will understand.'

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Just buttoned up my shirt, time for a mirror flirt.
Off out tonight, unsure of what it's like,
Joop or Goochy for a Nikki smoochie,
sold of of hoochy, I'll do the coochy,
show the sea of heads that I'm something different,
by spinning on my eyebrow...o wow!


Waiting rooms, no zooms too soon. If I'm here any longer I'll see the moon.
Life's one long wait, until we meet our fate, only time it's easy is when we're late!


The eagle flew out into the night.
High and far and out of sight,
gliding above mountains with all it's might,
deep into the woods towards it's light.


So yes, that rightio, I'm a Scorpio,
holding emotions that show,
I'm deep like the ocean,
with moods that so throw,
I'll keep stinging the shallowest
until they glow.


Wall pads to sand bags and kung fu mags,
witness the studies of my winter darts training,
commenced deadly art,
look dumb outside, but inside I'm smart,
letting off side kicks to topple an apple cart.


I'm staring out from my bedroom window. I'm becoming more deep as I continue to explore myself.

There's a lonely person in every street, the ones we know and the ones we meet.
The tramp in the doorway who'll grunt with no say...and the child, who's friends push them away.

Dark parks, and dogs that bark, muggers, thuggers and late night clubbers. Lights, fights with heights that's right. That's all part of a dark city life.


Without you by my side I am solace,
You bring me peace and joy,
I an complete when you are with me,
and I smile at your loving embrace.
You fix this broken man, searching for his soul mate...I have found you.
Could you look me in the eye, and then lie? No.
The sand touches the sea in closeness, and the trees leaves move with the breeze, it is us.
Could it be, that we are but feathers of the same bird, on the same wave, heading towards the same beach? Yes.


'When the strike of the Hawk breaks the body of it's prey, it is because of timing.'
'The iron thinks itself pointlessly tortured in the furnace and beaten on the anvil - the sword looks back and knows why.'
'Therefore, when the time and place of the challenge is known, one can meet the challenge from a thousand miles away. But when the time and place of the challenge is not known, one cannot protect all flanks; if through measuring the strategies of others, we find their numbers exceed our own. Does this indicate triumph or defeat? It is said: TRIUMPH CAN BE MEASURED.'
'Thus, those that win one hundred triumphs in one hundred conflicts, do not have supreme skill. Those who have supreme skill, use strategy to bend others without coming to conflict. The ideal strategy, therefore, is to thwart a plan. The next best is to thwart a negotiation. The next best is to thwart a strategy. The inferior politic is to attack a fortified area. Attacking a fortified area is an art of last resort; those skilled in executing a strategy, bend the strategy of others without conflict; uproot the fortifications of others with out attacking; absorb the organisations of others without prolonged operations.'
'Know the other and know yourself; one hundred challenges without danger; know the other and know not yourself; one triumph for one defeat; know not the other and know not yourself, every challenge is certain peril.'
'When the common soldiers are too strong and their officers too weak, the result is insubordination.'
'Hence, those skilled in the use of strategy evade when the spirit is sharp, and confront when the spirit is idle or withdrawn. When able, appear unable. When prepared appear unprepared.'
'Attack is the secret of defence: defence is the planning of attack.'
'Security against defeat implies defensive tactics: ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.'
'Emerge from the void, strike vulnerable points, shun places that are defended, attack in unexpected quarters.'
* 'When facing multiple opponents you must attack first and keep attacking until the danger subdues.' * (MIYOMOTO MUSASHI)
'So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.'
'He who wishes to fight must first count the cost.'


1. Lust
2. Gluttony
3. Greed
4. Sloth
5. Wrath
6. Envy
7. Pride

Monday, 14 July 2008


Never quit and keep on trying,
if you don't you'll keep on lying.
Battle through impossible odds,
ignore the insults of nasty sods.
The pain is hard, it beats you sore,
just remember what you are trying for.
See the finish up ahead, and try and lift your tired head.
Yes you've made it, you thought you would,
maybe you always knew you could?


'Crystal. If only you could see...
you mean as much to the world as you do to me.'


If you can control your inner devils, you will be fine. These demons will guide us into the abyss if we let them. Those who can unleash these creatures in a positive manner will create a passage way into happiness. Don't fall for the emotional blackmail and voices, be strong for they are your own. Do not allow others to feed your monster, it will only get worse. He's not your friend, you must use him and be ruthless when his hands grip you entire being. The Goblin is an internal energy in us all, we have to direct this force and make it our iron will.
Hold back your Goblin for all that your worth!


A Snake will shed it's skin to continue it's quest in life.
I have shed many skins, and I'm sure I have more to go.


What a portal we travel through, from days gone by.
It's all a blur in the blink of an eye.
I wonder what the nutter on the right is doing now a days?


Has anyone seen this man?
He can be found swanning around boozers.
He is an original junglist, from back in the good mate Bry!
Look out for him on 'Cribs' on the Demzly channel, coming soon.


1. Thou shall have no other Gods but me.

2. Thou shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it, or worship it.

3. Thou shall not misuse the name of the Lord, your God.

4. Thou shall remember and keep Sabbath day holy.

5. Respect thy Father and Mother.

6. Thy must not kill.

7. Thy must not commit adultery.

8. Thy must not steal.

9. Thy must not give false evidence against thy neighbour.

10. Thou must not be envious of your neighbours goods, home nor his wife.

Sunday, 13 July 2008


If there's one thing I dislike, it's people invading my personal space. I feel uncomfortable when ignorant people feel the need to talk in my face. I'd never dream of doing that back. I realise we are different, but that's my way. I prefer to eat without a lot of people facing me either, or others smoking around me. When they get the hump about me moving, they might complain that... 'Do we smell?'
I'll continue to just be me and look after my self. I don't need to justify my actions.
Some just don't understand.


I was watching a documentary earlier this week about the decline of the British Honey Bee. This set alarm bells ringing as being a deep thinker, I wondered what the impact would be.

We all know that Bee's have a part in our cycle of nature, flowers, pollination etc...

Even the Rattle Snake is not making a warning sound when it is about to attack. They have always, because they are called Rattle Snakes! Experts say it's because they are getting clued up to being hunted by humans.

How many of us in our busy lives stop to take notice of the creatures around us? Look for the signs, because something is happening, in our world right under our very noses.

Mankind is pushing this planet to fast, moneys tight, violence, pollution and so.

I do hope these little chaps have the strength to fight for the future of the planet, because they have now given us food for thought.


My choice of music is varied. It would be right to say that any song with a deep meaning, good beat, and a rhythm that moves you from the inside out, is what I really love. Of course, most music speaks volumes to the listener who absorbs it's material.
I'm a huge fan of Rap/Hip Hop. My favourite family are the Wu Tang Clan, because of the way these talented artists work off each other. Also, they rhyme about the struggles in the world and about Kung Fu flicks. I embrace all methods of Musicology, this is just one of my chosen concepts of listening.
Us as human beings are a conductor in which for sound waves to travel through. If Music has showed me something, it is to be grateful to have a sense of hearing, along with all my other senses that we all take for granted.
May it be well with you my friends...


My pen of swords writes the words of justice, the speed of Wing Chun fails to barely touch this.
I began as an infant since my walking first instance, my early life I knew, as my bones n tendons grew.
Scorpio is my birth right, so welcome to the scientist at midnight, with many moons in Libra...My personality manifested like the hairy chest I'm blessed with.
My mother was a drinker, as I became a thinker, my dad raised me and my little sister and I trained my knuckles to blister.
1980's T.V was cool, Street hawk, A Team, Knight rider, The Ghoul.
Not forgetting Air wolf, Bionic man, and the Incredible Hulk...
It was great, that Manimal changing into a Wolf. Did you ever copy what the great films did? No retreat no surrender, Best of the best and that Karate kid. Sweet dreams are made of this, Soft cell's Tainted Love, I recall my first kiss.
My road was paved using the Martial that I saved, life is looking up, with each Tea containing cup. I love words and words viset me, Writing allows my vision to see,Karate and Kung fu from Mr Bruce Lee.
Submerge into adulthood, my life is now understood. But remains daunting with a sense of haunting.
A Martial Artist is a body of the earth, become what your life's worth, but avoid becoming a jobs worth. Erase that feeling of lateness, and replace it with greatness, whether your 20 or 50 you can always kick nifty. Never give up and practice most days, leaving some for a rest to bounce back at your best.
So, here we all are, back in the temple, engaging in the training that appears to be mental. Some say it's rough, others swear it's gentle, now the arts become intercontinental.
I know I'll be all right, I have inspiration in my corner, great people with might, they provide me with their light which lessons the night.
My moms up in heaven, my dads with me on earth, and I pray that he's still with me on the day of my child's birth.
I'll try and earn a Black belt just for him, try and be a good son, his next of kin.
And so, while the birds still sing, and the winds may blow, I'll keep trying at what I know.
I write this Poem rap as a thanks for due, for I am a Martial Artist...
just like you.


A necessary evil, some have said. It's far easier to stay in bed. We work each day with bills to pay, dreading Monday and loving Friday! But it's not all bad, work needn't be sad. There's a roof over our heads, and that makes us glad. Take a look inside, at the passion that you hide. Because that's what your good at, that is you, so move in the direction of what you wish to do. You could be a writer or you could be a plumber, and never work again, everyday could be summer!

We were born to create on this council estate, not work to the end for our pension date. If we did not work, and sat at home, how many would be bored sat all on your own? Mixing with others helps strengthen your will, while training for a new life skill.

But you must do what you love and you'll work no more, easier said than done, somebody show me that door! Pour energies into something, and you will find... that you reading this are one of a kind.

Saturday, 12 July 2008


My mind never sits still,
I am a wondering man's will,
I manifest an idea that's built for the kill.
I'm one of a few, with things to do,
we all have the power, yes, even you,
internal strength like styles of kung fu.
My depth of self is hard to beat,
fists of stones, and concrete feet,
understanding the self is so elite.


As I look back at myself, I am aware of the changes that life gives us. We become wiser and older. Our features change and we progress. What was once me, is not now. I'm privileged in who I was, even though not always responsible. Them times were wild, but I'm stronger now...
I have escaped from the cocoon.

Friday, 11 July 2008


When I'm dark, I'm negative and stubborn.
I'll become easily hurt.
I'll rise to anger.
I'm insecure and weak.
I can't breath.
Can anyone see me?
Am I worth it.
My sting turns inwards, and I become my own prey.
I'm going to find the light...
When I'm light, I'm the best thing since marmite on toast!
I live all things.
I talk to the trees (and animals)
I wallow in love.
I give not to recieve.
Im polite and caring.
I'm humble, no ego.
I'll act very silly.
I'll love all jokes.
I'll forgive and move on.
I'll pat myself on the back.
I'll retain patience.
I look for new way's.
This world is lovely.
I am balanced...
...My Yin to My Yang.


Me,you,them and us. The well trained are superhuman? What do you feel a superhuman is then? A comic book doodle? No.
It means to attain a higher capability than the average man. Martial artists are trained in combat above the less combat trained, this makes him Superior. His strength levels are up there, press ups, pull ups, climbing, lifting throwing. His cardiovascular system is powered by a super strong heart and lungs. He can sprint, run, crawl, jump, kick, punch and grapple. He is aerobic and anerobic. His mind and soul are balanced, a marrige which no divorce could seperate.
We are supermen.
Other people lift remote controls and think it all.
They put us down, because thats their chosen art.
There powers are bullying and greed.
Beer and junk, they hate themselves.
They have a chance to become better.
I wish them well.
We rise like a falcon, and soar like the eagle.
The moutains host winds, and the wolf is at peace.


We are the dark avenger.
We are the one man vigilante.
We are scums worst nightmare.
We will bring justice.
We can make them all pay.
We know what it takes.
We have the capabilities.
We sense all danger.
We think of our next move.
We refuse to fall from grace.
We are misunderstood.
we can relate.
we are hurting.
We are well trained.
Wr are different.
We stand out.
We are angry
We are scared.
We are coming.
We resent society.
We need to escape.
We will take them out.
We are the dark night...