Saturday, 19 July 2008


Deep down within it burns me out. I can't control it. The force possesses me like a fucking plague. I have visions and beliefs. My opinions ruin my optimism. I am dark. So deadly dark, social gatherings are fine until something trivial to the shallow eye triggers me off. I'm a handful. I'm unstoppable. I'm evil. Every things false and for show, I am a fake. People are not ready for me. I'm afraid. I absorb energy from others, but I remain fair. I am lonely, so lonely. I have always been this way. Always will. No support, just existence. There's no helping me. I've suffered, send me help. Nobody truly knows me, I am my best friend and enemy. I would end it, if only I had the guts. I live with me each day, the bastard. I need a rescue, my bloods clogged. I'm a genius. I can't relax, give me a drink. Give me drugs maybe I'll o.d. Is there some one out there for me? Fucking find me! I'll wait under a bush in your back garden in the pouring rain, sleet and snow ten years after your dent on me. I have a brain living behind my eyes, I'm better than them. I see more. I'll show them the hunting, take them all down... One day love will value me. Here comes the rain...again.

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