Sunday, 13 July 2008


A necessary evil, some have said. It's far easier to stay in bed. We work each day with bills to pay, dreading Monday and loving Friday! But it's not all bad, work needn't be sad. There's a roof over our heads, and that makes us glad. Take a look inside, at the passion that you hide. Because that's what your good at, that is you, so move in the direction of what you wish to do. You could be a writer or you could be a plumber, and never work again, everyday could be summer!

We were born to create on this council estate, not work to the end for our pension date. If we did not work, and sat at home, how many would be bored sat all on your own? Mixing with others helps strengthen your will, while training for a new life skill.

But you must do what you love and you'll work no more, easier said than done, somebody show me that door! Pour energies into something, and you will find... that you reading this are one of a kind.

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