Sunday, 13 July 2008


I was watching a documentary earlier this week about the decline of the British Honey Bee. This set alarm bells ringing as being a deep thinker, I wondered what the impact would be.

We all know that Bee's have a part in our cycle of nature, flowers, pollination etc...

Even the Rattle Snake is not making a warning sound when it is about to attack. They have always, because they are called Rattle Snakes! Experts say it's because they are getting clued up to being hunted by humans.

How many of us in our busy lives stop to take notice of the creatures around us? Look for the signs, because something is happening, in our world right under our very noses.

Mankind is pushing this planet to fast, moneys tight, violence, pollution and so.

I do hope these little chaps have the strength to fight for the future of the planet, because they have now given us food for thought.

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