Tuesday, 22 July 2008


You, like me, experience this nearly everyday. There will always remain this 'us and them'.
Maybe in your place of work you have people above you. But when you strip the material veil with your naked eye, they are not. These kind of people may be bullies, or try and kill your dreams and any hopes you might have. They could be a passing stranger with the manners of a shoelace. 'Them' will definitely think they can do better, or know better than you. They are wrong. Their resting place is just a position in space, to 'them' it's took for granted. 'Us' must remember not to let 'them' beat us down, we do this in a very clever way. You are your best friend, so just remember that when you feel below 'them'...
You can remain fulfilled that you are not like that.

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