Sunday, 27 July 2008


Ah, those summer nights are here again. Back when I was growing up it was all BMX stunts over Park Lane down on Castle Vale estate in Birmingham. Me and my mates would walk over the chippy, or have barbeque's. We would play the Mega Drive in Quentin's garden, or just chat, picking Daisy's as the sun bowed down to the roofs. Me and Damien would perform press ups on the railings trying to be Bruce Lee. Ha ha, we would walk to Asda tensed up. Robert would always have his Walkman on playing, Mickey Finn, or Slipmatt. We would all relate as our home life was not as smooth as the other children. Never the less we had fun, we was the Park Lane Federation -P.L.F.
Now though, we have grown up and some have moved away. We will still continue to rem anise about them summer nights over Park Lane making D.I.Y barbeque's out of shopping trolleys. It's all Barby's at each others places now, when we can fit it in. I'm very happy that I grew up in the 80's and 90's, and to you all reading this...I hope it finds you well.

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