Saturday, 19 July 2008


Today I'm pressed for time, I have a wedding in which to attend. So, I've wrote on my blog, drank tea and ate rice crispies. But my body is demanding a workout.
So, here where's the open training comes in. Made popular by
It makes sense to get all sweaty before hitting the shower to suit up smelling of Rosie's!
Here goes viewers... Star jumps and joint rotations, stretches.
1 minute of shadow boxing - hands
1 minute - elbows
1 minute - knees
1 minute - kicks
1 minute - throws/sweeps
1 minute - fighting from floor, on my back knees etc
Then 3 minutes putting it all together
Finishing with 2o of each - press ups, squats, sit ups, plus little extra that my imagination orders me to perform. (up and down stairs on my hands - ouch!) neck work also, plus grip.
I run through my Karate Kata 5 times then stretch.
Takes a little over 15 Min's if that.
Don't threat about what exercises you feel you must perform, as long as your training and doing something that will put you a cut above the rest!

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