Saturday, 19 July 2008


Drive to Karate, I need a good sweat. Sit ups and press ups which tighten the chest. Enter the Dojo with a bow, Sensei's swinging a Bo!
Say 'Hi.' to Trever with his bad foot, try and spar with Nigel avoiding his nut. There goes Craig, Rich and Sanjai too, think Andy's just popped to the loo. I nod to Joanne, she's got hidden strength that one,I check for some change but find none.
I turn 180 as I hear 'Hello Duane!'
I answer right back, 'Hi, how are you Shane?'
He Say's, 'Well, sparring Nigel's like fighting a train.'
I send him a reply, 'But you're doing so well.'
And all of these people and I so gel. I'm sick of them Rugby players over on that grass, if I ever find an onion I'll stick it up their ***!
Working with Sanjai, he praises me well. But he's unable to see that he's coming on swell. Andy, I feel, has come on the most. I tell him this while digesting some toast. There's no ego's here, no worry, no threat. Ive just gone through my Kata's, and now I'm soaking wet.
I'm nothing special, I am no one. Making mistakes is a learning gate. These people are for life, for we are Martial Artists...our Sensei's a great bloke, unless he unleashing the choke! Different styles is my choice, and it's nice choosing. When you do what you enjoy, there's no winning or losing. Every lesson's a quest, another technique to add to your nest. I love Kung Fu too, there's stuff on you tube which is new. Practice what you watch and what you read, and you'll have more knowledge for your brain to feed. We are at the end of another post, I hope it finds you in your place you love the most.
Ill leave you with this, it relates to us all, and will pick you up if you start to fall.

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