Friday, 25 July 2008


It was a Wednesday evening, and the children paired up for their usual Kung Fu lesson. Luke seemed to be upset and Sifu could sense this right away. As the lesson progressed, it was clear that Martin was hitting Luke and the other children too hard. Despite cutting glances from his Sifu, Martin continued to loud and disrespectful. Knowing that all children have their moments, Sifu politely asked Martin if he would follow him outside. Once outside Sifu asked Martin if their was anything troubling him.
'No,' frowned Martin.
'I see. Why then, are you so rough tonight on your fellow classmates Martin?'
Martin looked at the floor, 'Because I'm smaller than them, and have to show them how good I am Sifu.'
Sifu lent his hand on Martins shoulder, 'Martin, you don't have to prove to anybody how tough you are. Most of all your class friends. We all learn together, but progress at different stages because everybody is different. Tell me, Martin. Do you remember what Martial Arts teaches us?'
'Err...respect, and honour?'
'Sifu smiled taking back his hand. 'Riight. Would you like to receive some of that Martin?'
'Sure!' Martins face lit up.
'Well now, you need to share some with your class friends. I'm sure they would like that.'
Martin's frown faded and his weight had lifted. He walked back into the hall with his Sifu's arm around him to continue his Kung Fu lesson.

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