Sunday, 27 July 2008


Allow me to explain to you a little about myself. I can be shy, but then again I can be a leader. I'm in my element when I'm with people on my wave length. I'm not a great lover of Cars, or what is the best, blah blah. I'm happy with my little Renault Clio 1.2, I know it gets me where I need to be. It's a usage not a material trophy that I wear to improve my persona. I have much magic internally that I feel no insecurity to auction my prowess onto others. What I think, or feel, is what matters. I've never enjoyed football. Hated P.E at school too. English and Drama I didn't hate. I don't smoke, and I drink rarely. I do feel for people who really want to give up, it must be hard, but come on guys...would you suck an exhaust pipe? I will meet up and have fun with friends, but feel no need to get blotter. After all, I'm a Martial Artist who's aim is self protection. Where's the protection in getting so drunk that you waste lots of money, vomit, next day and pound your organs. I've done it all, until I became responsible- not boring!
I'm not a Leary lad who enjoys fighting and boasting, I'm calm and kind. I appreciate peace and keeping fit. I love Kung Fu films and spending time with my Fiance. I enjoy blossoming my creativeness through words. I love to write. I'm sensitive and my pride knows it's place. I'm human. I feel like It's hard to be loyal to yourself when in the company of typical males. In the past I would be false to fit in, I felt threatened. No way, you have to be you. You need to stand out, I understand that now. Standing out doesn't make you weird or a freak, not to those who can take a good look at you and see past your eyes. Writers and Martial Artists do this because they watch people. I have emails from great people who share my interests, they are incredibly interesting and dangerous. They write so they don't have to write how good they are. They train to fight because they don't have to fight.
So, it doesn't interest me to how many girls lads have, or how many beers or drugs they can neck, or how hard they THINK they are.
I'm only Duane, only one me.
I'll be this way for ever, and life is beautiful.

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