Sunday, 13 July 2008


My choice of music is varied. It would be right to say that any song with a deep meaning, good beat, and a rhythm that moves you from the inside out, is what I really love. Of course, most music speaks volumes to the listener who absorbs it's material.
I'm a huge fan of Rap/Hip Hop. My favourite family are the Wu Tang Clan, because of the way these talented artists work off each other. Also, they rhyme about the struggles in the world and about Kung Fu flicks. I embrace all methods of Musicology, this is just one of my chosen concepts of listening.
Us as human beings are a conductor in which for sound waves to travel through. If Music has showed me something, it is to be grateful to have a sense of hearing, along with all my other senses that we all take for granted.
May it be well with you my friends...

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