Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Just buttoned up my shirt, time for a mirror flirt.
Off out tonight, unsure of what it's like,
Joop or Goochy for a Nikki smoochie,
sold of of hoochy, I'll do the coochy,
show the sea of heads that I'm something different,
by spinning on my eyebrow...o wow!


Waiting rooms, no zooms too soon. If I'm here any longer I'll see the moon.
Life's one long wait, until we meet our fate, only time it's easy is when we're late!


The eagle flew out into the night.
High and far and out of sight,
gliding above mountains with all it's might,
deep into the woods towards it's light.


So yes, that rightio, I'm a Scorpio,
holding emotions that show,
I'm deep like the ocean,
with moods that so throw,
I'll keep stinging the shallowest
until they glow.


Wall pads to sand bags and kung fu mags,
witness the studies of my winter darts training,
commenced deadly art,
look dumb outside, but inside I'm smart,
letting off side kicks to topple an apple cart.


I'm staring out from my bedroom window. I'm becoming more deep as I continue to explore myself.

There's a lonely person in every street, the ones we know and the ones we meet.
The tramp in the doorway who'll grunt with no say...and the child, who's friends push them away.

Dark parks, and dogs that bark, muggers, thuggers and late night clubbers. Lights, fights with heights that's right. That's all part of a dark city life.

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