Friday, 11 July 2008


Me,you,them and us. The well trained are superhuman? What do you feel a superhuman is then? A comic book doodle? No.
It means to attain a higher capability than the average man. Martial artists are trained in combat above the less combat trained, this makes him Superior. His strength levels are up there, press ups, pull ups, climbing, lifting throwing. His cardiovascular system is powered by a super strong heart and lungs. He can sprint, run, crawl, jump, kick, punch and grapple. He is aerobic and anerobic. His mind and soul are balanced, a marrige which no divorce could seperate.
We are supermen.
Other people lift remote controls and think it all.
They put us down, because thats their chosen art.
There powers are bullying and greed.
Beer and junk, they hate themselves.
They have a chance to become better.
I wish them well.
We rise like a falcon, and soar like the eagle.
The moutains host winds, and the wolf is at peace.

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