Friday, 18 July 2008


I wait politely as the other shoppers fight for the ripest bananas, times getting on and it's becoming busy. My stomach cramps to let me know it will need filling in another hour. I pick some apples while Nich goes for some carrots. I see people I know, some nod, some stop for a chat and some blank me completely. I must admit, shopping tends to make me anti social as I just want to get in and out. We walk down another busy isle, I must get my tea bags. Still yet to meet a martial artist that fails to drink tea and read. I'm feeling tired after my week at work, Nics tired also, she works hard. The Que is massive and I use my self control to just accept the chip shop will have to give us some extra time. I decide to do some Isometric exercises using the shopping trolley. Nobody knows what I'm up too, I'm pulling upwards with a reverse grip and my forearms are activated. This builds raw strength, and I love the fact that this sort of training you can do anywhere, anytime. We're at the checkout and I bend down to put our food onto the belt. My legs and back are still sore from my martial arts training two nights ago. I smile to myself and think
'There's more to come, got my Blue belt grading November.'
Right then, shopping in bags, shopping in trolley, shopping in car, shopping in home.
Chip shop was lovely, more fruit this week. Time for a nice hot bath soaked in Radox and a cuppa.
...I only forgot the teabags didn't I!
(JOKE) What brand of tea does Bruce Lee drink? Thai Fu!

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