Friday, 25 July 2008


The donkey's trot by, as the little green train runs along the sea front and the smell of fresh donuts fill the air. Seagulls steal chips from discarded paper from Flippers restaurant. The wind picks up as the sand is blown into your ice cream. We stroll by, checking out the ads for the winter gardens. We can hear the roller coaster, when it was once there...behind the grand pier. Dad, can we have some money? Mom's on the 2p machines. Little Trolls are grinning at us. Bumper cars and Zak's rifle ranch, ghost train etc, etc, etc. Hey, open top bus. Visit SandBay ay in Kewstoke. Mooch at caravans and the little pink shop. Go back to house, play with our new toy's...Transformer and a Barbie doll. Think there's a rave shop around here. Thump me in the belly- OUCH! Tao of Jeet Kune Do! Found a Martial Arts shop! The light fades to night, the green lights flicker and we can see wales, we love it here...this place, our western. Fresh sea air, smell it good man. Dad drove down, or we get sarnies and drink straw cartons on the coach- National Express. Smiths or Harbor bar? More arcades... dad! Drink a glass of coke and eat crisps. Hold on, is that a old viking ship wreck in the sand? Lets explore some rocks, have a right old mission. Don't forget the camera! The sea comes in fast, quick run, to avoid the waves. Bit tipsy now, drank many Stella.It all seems like long ago, like one big dream. Maybe the three of us will go back there one day? But there will always be something missing... until we are back there together.
Could be the boulevard of broken dreams?

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