Sunday, 13 July 2008


My pen of swords writes the words of justice, the speed of Wing Chun fails to barely touch this.
I began as an infant since my walking first instance, my early life I knew, as my bones n tendons grew.
Scorpio is my birth right, so welcome to the scientist at midnight, with many moons in Libra...My personality manifested like the hairy chest I'm blessed with.
My mother was a drinker, as I became a thinker, my dad raised me and my little sister and I trained my knuckles to blister.
1980's T.V was cool, Street hawk, A Team, Knight rider, The Ghoul.
Not forgetting Air wolf, Bionic man, and the Incredible Hulk...
It was great, that Manimal changing into a Wolf. Did you ever copy what the great films did? No retreat no surrender, Best of the best and that Karate kid. Sweet dreams are made of this, Soft cell's Tainted Love, I recall my first kiss.
My road was paved using the Martial that I saved, life is looking up, with each Tea containing cup. I love words and words viset me, Writing allows my vision to see,Karate and Kung fu from Mr Bruce Lee.
Submerge into adulthood, my life is now understood. But remains daunting with a sense of haunting.
A Martial Artist is a body of the earth, become what your life's worth, but avoid becoming a jobs worth. Erase that feeling of lateness, and replace it with greatness, whether your 20 or 50 you can always kick nifty. Never give up and practice most days, leaving some for a rest to bounce back at your best.
So, here we all are, back in the temple, engaging in the training that appears to be mental. Some say it's rough, others swear it's gentle, now the arts become intercontinental.
I know I'll be all right, I have inspiration in my corner, great people with might, they provide me with their light which lessons the night.
My moms up in heaven, my dads with me on earth, and I pray that he's still with me on the day of my child's birth.
I'll try and earn a Black belt just for him, try and be a good son, his next of kin.
And so, while the birds still sing, and the winds may blow, I'll keep trying at what I know.
I write this Poem rap as a thanks for due, for I am a Martial Artist...
just like you.

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