Friday, 11 July 2008


When I'm dark, I'm negative and stubborn.
I'll become easily hurt.
I'll rise to anger.
I'm insecure and weak.
I can't breath.
Can anyone see me?
Am I worth it.
My sting turns inwards, and I become my own prey.
I'm going to find the light...
When I'm light, I'm the best thing since marmite on toast!
I live all things.
I talk to the trees (and animals)
I wallow in love.
I give not to recieve.
Im polite and caring.
I'm humble, no ego.
I'll act very silly.
I'll love all jokes.
I'll forgive and move on.
I'll pat myself on the back.
I'll retain patience.
I look for new way's.
This world is lovely.
I am balanced...
...My Yin to My Yang.

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