Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I'm a Martial Artist. I need to train different elements to my body in order for it to serve me well when most needed. Apart from cardiovascular/aerobic training I do for fitness, I also practice resistance training. I didn't mention weights or body building, because that not my area. I have done weights, and enjoyed it, but if I was to use them now they would be light and be part of a circuit. Gravity works against us more when we grow older, which is why everyone should incorporate some form of strength work. I currently use isometrics, dynamic tension and body weight calisthenics. I enjoy the fact that you can do these anywhere, anytime. They also help you to govern your body better in situations. I believe that free weights and machines are the the way to build lots of muscle if that's your goal. As I said before I'd race round the place and circuit the lot! Every body has different needs and has to decide what would benefit them. I want the endurance and conditioning, like to push against things and move my internal steel wire tendons about the gaff. We need to become SLEEPERS, people who are stronger than they appear. In today's life time is most short. Circuit training has become more famous for this and sports fitness. I feel the Chinese and Japanese, Indian wrestlers use their bodies to their advantage. I would agree though that either disgust to any method is not good for the person. One thing I will say is that please don't short change yourself, if you haven't got any equipment or access to a gym. To remain in better shape and retain self respect is an endeavour in which you should hold proud.
Whether you do sports or not.

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