Sunday, 2 May 2010


This world we live in and the life we ride by consumes us all with potent energy day after day.
You only have to go out your door and you will encounter negativity from all forms of people. It might not be geared towards you it may well be plain moaning about life. This we all have done. But have you ever been exposed to something that is so damaging to your entire progress and a evolving person that you just ache to transform so you can leave this poison, put planets and sea beds between you, rise above all that is petty so you can see, breath and feel your own direction yet again. You yearn so bad for that positive force to push and pull your enthusiasm like a bolt of action from within. You feel different to others, evaluating your judgement so you do not fall beside them in bitterness and a sad mindset. You find nicer entities, read great books and watch egnighting programmes that feed your hungry body mind and soul in a quest to be the best you can be. You throw away all the rotten fruit from your life while remembering we all can change and to see the best in others, and help them if possible. You put your foot down and decide to go your own way more than fleet wood mac could do. You think on certain points in your life..did i really do that, was i really like that, or...I need to become that person again.
Sadly there are bitter people in this world, but our main aim should be us...and not them.