Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Clive 'THE BLACK TIGER" McKenzie

At present I am very fortunate to be working on a short fun movie with non other than the movie man from the 70's & 80's Clive McKenzie, known mainly as 'The Black Tiger'
Clive is the feature of my martial arts tribute on my face book page and he can be found on you tube also. Clive is a very talented human being, very humble and creative. His editing skills and script writing is something that has to be witnessed. Together we have combined minds to produce an 'old skool', back to basics revenge movie in the martial arts. The skills used will all be traditional, with the help of some of Bruce Lees moves for the fans. Clive McKenzie is also close friend of non other than Urban Combats Emil Martirossian who if I'm being honest is Bruce Lee living legacy. So, I'd like to thank both of these gentle men for their friendship and support.
All hail to the week of The Black Tiger!