Sunday, 20 July 2008


Bernard sat in the bus shelter smoking his pipe. He was taking in the summer breeze and reflecting on his days gone by. Two teenagers, boy and a girl, entered the bus shelter. Bernard was reading his paper. The boy was clearly disrespecting the girl, by saying nasty words to her. In the end, she walked away sobbing. The boy spat on the floor and lit up a cannabis joint.
'Why do you speak so badly of the young lady, my young man?' Bernard asked, to the boy.
'Cuz she does me ed in, en it. Wot's it to ya ol man?'
Bernard stood up, he was 6'5. 'Tell me, what do you know of your self young man?'
'I'm me en it. What ya on a bout?'
Bernard squinted his eyes and smiled. 'So tell me, do you hear the birds in them trees?
The boy rolled his eyes, 'Yeah, so.'
Bernard asked a third question. 'And can you feel your own heartbeat?'
The boy looked smug, 'Yeah. course man, I ain't def.'
Bernard sat back down. 'Do you hear the grasshopper, that's at your feet?'
The boy glanced down and stepped back. 'Ol man! How did ya hear dat?'
Bernard stood back up holding his blind stick, 'Young man, how is it that you do not...'

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