Thursday, 17 July 2008


This is dedicated to all of the bad hearted, self fish, unjustly cowards who try and piss on my parade. Why don't you mind your own and go away to burn! This is dedicated to ex girlfriends and school bullies...look at me now!
This ones for members of families that make other members of family lives a misery. Jealous, small minded dust mites with the brain of woodlice. Use your hearts not your fags, beer, others money...TERMITES!
Bollocks to the ones who know what they did to to weaker people...god awaits.
Hello, to all the think we're goods...kiss my ass too, there you have it.
Get stuffed and stick your head in a combine harvester, I remember, you will pay.
Yeah, that's my nan's possessions you raped there...go fuck yourselves.
Because you see, if your reading this you are a nice person. I only relate to nice people.
The wrath of vengeance is waiting for you all who deserve it, so don't make enemies with me.
So, after you eventually calm down you know deep down, that you need to act more responsible... anger does get the better of us. Good people will forgive and then move forwards with you. Could be worse though, look at poor Banner. The word SORRY holds true force, and power is forgiveness...reflect.
Don't beat yourself up, we all make mistakes...your only human after all!

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