Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Birth in the Shadows, Alive in the Light.

Often as a human, we are inclined to keep things to ourself. Some may be more open about their pursuits than others, but for most, planning is done out of view. When a flower is a seed it is not to be seen. The earth can feel it. When the plant or flower arrives, it is there in its end result for us all to see. We don't see the struggle towards the light, and this is to be remembered  If you ever feel kept down or feel threatened by the success of others... don't be. Simple. Keep working away underground, keep struggling. Just as they may have encountered pain and suffering from beneath the surface. So you too must feel the wind and rain. If you don't make it then you die trying. Simple.
The darkness is really a place for your seeds to contain strength, so that they may brave the light...
Just like you.

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