Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Who are they?

In this life there is but two types of people, Givers and takers. 
As I age and become more aware of not only others but myself, I see a dual side to peoples actions. Before I continue, I will remind you all that I myself have made some hiccups and that we all are capable of good or bad. My advice is to attain an open mind, not a gullible one.  Have a universal view. Here I will list two sides to people, the bottom line is that some do not even see themselves.


These characters are the bowel of Azimuth. They lack any real imagination, depth or sensitivity. They often break hearts or dreams, their conversations are one coloured. They often react to what is with what they have then move on, unaware of the effects it may do to a more thoughtful person. They are smug and witty. They may also talk too much about themselves, and shout when they whisper. They could have world skills but lack any real information about their own mind and bodies. Many have more wealth then stealth.


These people will be kind, thoughtful and calm. They may trust to easy and fall hard. Regardless they will be real and fun. They listen,  and see. They are aware of them selves even their bad traits unlike the FS above. They could take longer to forgive or they may forgive easier. They will be wise and warm, fair and friendly. At times may seem cold but mostly in thought. They can communicate all ways, all situations..unlike the FS above who just see how it effects them.

Some people may be a mixture of both and nobody is perfect. Which one are you? Who are you?


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