Sunday, 5 August 2012

Art of Warfare?

MARTIAL ART. Warfare Art...

Does this mean only FIGHTING? What is fighting? It is a violent struggle of destruction, to either win or enforce a feeling. When we watch sport martial arts we see the art in a controlled arena, sometimes the blood sport element of Boxing, Kick/Thai boxing and UFC seems to divert the essence of art away from the ART. Here is the paradox. I believe although it is fighting it is still the ART of movement, but I also believe the ART is lost also in the same moment. I feel KATA/FORM competition is more personal in ways as its you against you. True SELF DEFENCE is protecting oneself from the self also. KUMITE, LIGHT CONTACT is a safer way of displaying MARTIAL ART than FULL CONTACT. For some FIGHTERS it is their jobs and they are great at what they do and they have my RESPECT. The arts go deeper for me I'm afraid, but we need exposure to what its like to be hit for real, so the shock of an attack does not bewilder us. The good thing about Martial Arts is that it caters for all who desire different things. What I think or feel may or may not be true for the person reading this post now. Some will disagree or agree...YIN & YANG.

I respect what we have now, but just as we all have our own Martial paths...I choose Martial Arts to preserve me and not injure myself through trading war shots with another be it for money or glory. I just love training, it is fun, stress relieving and it works. I have competed in Kickboxing and although I enjoyed winning and receiving a gold trophy, I still had an emptiness within. 

Wherever your place in this great discipline...enjoy it!

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