Monday, 16 March 2009

Being True To Your Self

This post was inspired by a friend. He always offers me support and enjoys reading my 'stuff.'
He wrote me a message letting me know how pleased he was that I was putting effort into what comes naturally. He said that he was glad that I was staying true to myself. This really got me thinking, in fact all week.
'Remaining true to one's self.'
This has to be the purest form of honesty, integrity and self giving there is. My friend also knows that just because you are born with a certain flare (gift) for things that hard work is also needed. In fact it is so hard that you feel like giving up and within that same energy feel like creating something unique, something great.
To be great is to be natural. You must see what is right and what needs improving. To really burrow down and take a good honest glare at the bottomless well of inner self. The true self. It waits for you to nurture it back to life. Some die with their best work still in them. Not even discovered.
Rediscover what you enjoy, or are good at. Then you will be great. If your flare (gift-again) enables you to help others, then you will be greater.
But as my friend starts with staying true to your self.

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