Saturday, 28 March 2009

Internal Sunshine

Happiness is what life is all about, from the highs right down to the lows. People often mistake being happy for looking happy. Facile expression can be misleading as the person may be covering up their true feelings. Now what I'm talking about is the true, honest feeling of being in a state of happiness. This contentment is felt so deep and real just like the opposite of happy-unhappiness. Even if it's minor things that have had a positive effect on you state of mind. Life is a state of mind. Think about personal power for a moment. Most of it is consumed by habits or pleasures. Now when we face the fear of this entity and try to restrain by it we gain a return. We get a great feeling of self control. Examples of this may be quitting drinking, fast food or swearing. Either way we improve and when we do something really worthwhile for ourselves we expand as a person and enjoy some internal sunshine. This heat that we alone have produced will help us to grow more just like a flower bud. Enjoy influences too like positive friends and environments.
Peace be with each & every last one of you.

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