Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Art Form

Martial Arts is an art form of self expression, an expression of the self through combated movements. It is not used to bully or provoke but to endure ones own limitations and over come obstacles in life. A common thought is that someone who practices any fighting art is a hard man or trouble maker, that is not what it's about. I would say the internal philosophical side has saved my life, not in the physical world but the mental world. There was times in my life where I would lock my self in my training and 9 times out of ten would emerge elated and feeling more positive. Even if the problems still plagued me and embedded a steel gradient of self will that came with the training. Some times it was rough, but you have sessions where you just need to flow like Tai Chi. I find useing the Bo Staff or Nunchaku's to be relaxing. (A cuppa must follow!) Another myth is that if someone has big muscles and loud that they can 'have a row.'
Well let me tell you right here and now that that is fluff dust. I've trained with Trojans that appeared wimpy like but could put the cat out. Only the other night I was sparring a gentlemen who seemed to look harmless, I can still feel where the bruises was.
A fact to keep in mind that you may have to fight back if there is no other option. In the street it is a different ball game to the dojo. The secret is to make your training so tough that it prepares you for some kind of pain. The feelings of fear must also be felt and used in a useful manner. Adrenalin is what keeps us a float, it can freeze us or give us energy by supplying blood to the larger muscles. Above all enjoy the training and endorphins, respect your training partners and treat others with courtesy.
Martial Arts is a mind, body soul endeavour and if you are fortunate enough to enjoy some of its benefits than good for you!

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