Friday, 3 April 2009

Personal Freedom

I love reading books, I love writing. That is me in a nutshell, well not in a shell of a nut but in my own personal universe of happiness. I love practising Martial Arts, not because I want to be able to beat someone up, but because this makes me feel happy about my self. This is my own way of being totally myself and free. I can do what I choose, write what I like and read what I fancy. Reading is a holy power because books hold many treasures. Read biographies and learn about successful people, try and write down your feelings or a poem and see how it makes you feel. Writing to me is a form of counselling because I can really flow and lighten my load, I also feel that I have created something.
What have you created today?
We were all born to create, or at least come up with a simpler way of living. The human mind is so full of potent energy that we often don't realise just how powerful we actually are. When I blog, it is a way to keep in touch with my writing when I'm not working on my novel. I know that I need to write more words, so that these words become the embodiment of the advice I offer. I have to work hard and push myself even when writing feels like a chore. I always did enjoy reading and writing as a child, it is born into me. I realise that hard work must be partnered with it also.
Writing is so personal it's scary! It comes from within...somewhere, somehow. Sometimes I find myself struggling to think of things to write about, (Writers Block) and then at other intervals the words flood out like someone had just opened the gates to my subconscious mind. I either struggle to find a pen & paper or drastically punch the ideas into my phone at hell speed!
What makes you happy?
This is so easy it's daft.
Are you doing anything to acquire your happiness?
If not, why? I know life has it's problems and we all have commitments, even if it is a little thing that will put a smile on your face-just do it.
At times you have to put no1 first. Do it for it now.
...Me too.

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