Monday, 15 June 2009

'While I was out running...'

Hello every body and welcome back to my blog. It means a lot you taking the time to read what I write about and I know I've been quiet lately. Today, at about 2 0 clock I went for a 2 mile run around the minworth area. I loved the feeling of my legs burning with blood and the lungs working to become fitter. It was a free feeling of letting my mind wonder and sort out any niggling pent up issues out to dry. I could hear the birds and smell the greenery and tree bark, the odd green fly hit my eye though! It took me back to growing up playing in them summer holidays, 6 weeks off school, parklane Tarzan's and dens. So, eventually I returned from my gasping day dream to dodge a branch and practice my bobbing & weaving. Then I noticed people passing in cars...
'They must be thinking I'm mad doing this? So what, at least I am doing something healthy.'
Or so I thought...
I could see mothers puffing away at cigarettes like it was there last breath (may well be some day) I suddenly felt so sorry for their children with them.
'They are not thinking of their children's future or their health.'
I continued judging the world until I realised that I was wrong.
'Sure Duane, your right in saying their habit is dangerous to them and who ever else is around them but you can't sit on an invisible throne and pass judgement either. Judging others is not healthy.'
And with that kick up the backside from myself I just continued on home, and minded my own business.

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