Thursday, 9 July 2009

Man in the mirror

Now that Michael Jackson has been put to rest his words are felt my many. It's funny how words you think you have heard before really have just glided past your notice. I'm talking about the song - man in the mirror.
A lot of past preachers have often talked about how we all want the world to change for the better. We as people seem to be always improving ourselves through what ever we are involved in. We earn money or win medals, we are driven by succeeding, by being happy. It gives us a sense of return and we feel better for it. This is just the surface of completion because we need to start winning inwards. I believe its true to begin with the self because at the end of time we all return back to face the self after we have been around life.
A full circle of completion. 'WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND'
We need (me too) to take a good honest look in the mirror and ask...'Am I really doing more to improve myself and the world?'
If we work inwards then the external side will project an image which will inspire others and positive elements will spread. Good attracts good, shit attracts shit.
The image you project has more effect on those close to you more than you realise and I feel its time to really make friends with your man in the mirror.

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