Thursday, 10 September 2009

'Kicking Your Own Butt!'

'I kick my own butt a lot?!'
When I train martial arts it is to keep myself in check, not to be aggressive or a 'fighter'. I am not any, although the human structure allows for a temper and a mentoring campassion. Really though life is all about facing your fears, fear controls us. I myself have many demons to overcome and this makes my journey even more exciting and terrifying. Just think now to your self of how many times you have been upset about a fear that keeps holding you back? I'm just riddled with them lol. This is being human and normal. I always try to remember that famous saying from god knows...
'The difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero feels the fear and goes ahead regardless.'
What ever you are involved in at this time, without realising it you are fighting your self. You may be doing something not so good to your body or you may be starting a new job and are really nervous, either way you are kicking your own butt.
Just make sure it's for the better because you only have one bottom!!

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