Sunday, 22 November 2009

Who am I?

I am a person wondering a path way that no mountains can top. I can't see the destination for the journey teaches me my inner most discoveries. I am deep & complex, at times misunderstood. I enjoy many styles of music...I can be a Goth. I am attracted to the occult with no judgement on good or bad. I relish in writing dark stories with an intense essence to back up the emotional surge that passes through us all. I don't like football but love the martial arts, i love the internal feelings i connect to and meet a different side to my personality. I can feel lost or I can feel found, like many I battle my darker side known as the 'shadow'
I am positive and live to help others, i want to spread the message of martial arts and healing and in the very same light burn things down with my heavy passions. Like others, I can be an Angel or a Devil, who am I to think or be any different?
Being a Scorpio allows me to go there without fear, to tread the cold damp corridor's of my hells and heavens to share with the world what occurs in me. I believe it so its true to me and that how we should all view life 'how it feels/seems to us'
I centre myself and overcome Duane, I am one with myself and through awareness I know what I must do in this life.
Isn't that what we must all do...just being us...

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